NYCC 2014

Indie Spotlight: American Nature And Surrealist Cheeseburgers (VIDEO)

By Shawn Perry ‘Sup Bleed-Freaks. At NYCC we spoke with the creative team behind American Nature and learned a little about what goes into makes good storytelling. American Nature by writers Dave Landsberger and Marc Koprinarov and artists Greg & Fake is a great example of what happens when a talented collective lets their creative […]

Imaginary Drugs At NYCC 2014 For The Hero Initiative And CBLDF

Michael McDermott writes from NYCC: Hey, folks, Michael McDermott here.  I ran a rather successful Kickstarter for a little book called IMAGINARY DRUGS back in January and am in the middle of shipping backer rewards. We got picked up by IDW Publishing and the book will be in Previews next month for a January 2015 […]

Live! From The Doctor Who Comics Panel With Titan Comics At NYCC 2014!

In a large panel featuring many artists and writers for their Doctor Who comics line that hit the shops during SDCC this past summer, Titan started by showing a presentation talking about the exclusive covers featuring the 10th and 11th Doctors and a launch trailer for the Twelfth Doctor #1: Written by Robbie Morrison, with […]

Live! From The Diamond Retailer Appreciation Breakfast At NYCC 2014

It was a sizeable turnout early in the day for the first day of New York Comic Con for retailers to hear from Diamond and publishers about what’s coming up in comics and collectibles and also about features that are particularly helpful to retailers. Diamond reported that the Comic Book Specialty Market is up 2.7 […]

Put On Your Black Mask At New York Comic Con

In the wake of massive announcements yesterday for the New Wave of Black Mask Studio comics coming up (and they are MASSIVE), you might be hankering to put on your Black Mask at New York Comic Con. Black Mask have the following events and locations on the slate: PANEL: BLACK MASK CLASS OF 2015. Sunday, […]

Also In New York This Week: T Pub and Their Twisted Dark

By Olly MacNamee We have followed the rise of Neil Gibson and his T Pub horror anthology titles here at Bleeding Cool for some time now and so it would be rather rude if we didn’t mention that the guys behind these tales of torturous terror will be at St Mark’s Comics in New York […]

Avatar Press Announces NYCC 2014 Exclusives: Alan Moore’s Crossed +100 ‘Taste Test’ In Limited Numbers, Signed Moore Neonomicon Sets, Brooks’ Extinction Parade, Costa’s God Is Dead, Ennis’ Caliban, Gillen’s Uber

Avatar Press always have a strong presence at New York Comic Con, and this year things are coming up very Crossed in the wake of the announcement of Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade’s six issue series Crossed +100 coming to shops in December. In fact, in a move previously unannounced, they’ve decided to bring a […]

Lots Of Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics. Wow.(UPDATE)

Monday, October 6th Escape Pod Comics at 302 Main Street in Huntington, Long Island, will host a signing by Antony Johnston of Umbral, Fuse (and many other comics) from 5 to 8PM. They say: “Meet one of our favorite comic writers and world-builder par excellence Antony Johnston, creator of The Wasteland, Umbral, The Fuse and […]

Bring On The Bad Guys! Darkness Descends Upon NYC for NYCC Presents…Villains!

By Ray Flook When I mentioned to a couple of friends that I would be attending NYCC Presents…Villains!, the second of a two-part fan meet-up series sponsored by New York Comic Con as lead-ins to NYCC and the inaugural NY Super Week, each of them made it a point to paraphrase (sometimes incredibly badly) the […]