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Is Marvel’s ‘Meet the Skrulls’ a Shot at the Distinguished Competition?

This March, Marvel will capitalize on the release of the Captain Marvel movie with a new series by Robbie Thompson and Niko Henrichon called Meet the Skrulls, teased Friday on Twitter, though of course, you heard about it first here on Bleeding Cool (pip pip). Meet the Skrulls. From Robbie Thompson and Niko Henrichon. Cover by […]

Travel Foreman, Niko Henrichon Join Donny Cates’s Marvel Knights Revamp

Marvel has revealed the artists for the first two issues of an upcoming six-issue Marvel Knights revival mini-series. First announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Donny Cates will server as showrunner leading writers Tini Howard, Vita Ayala, and Matthew Rosenberg, who is by our count writing 27 concurrent series at Marvel right now, almost as many […]

Doctor Strange #389 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #389 Review: The Terrible Trio

Doctor Strange explains to us that the portal he opened in Las Vegas attracted not only Mephisto, but also Dormammu, Nightmare, and Shuma-Gorath. They warred over who would enter our dimension, and Mephisto won, which left the other three in some sort of Necro-Realm. Dormammu has a proposal for Doctor Strange and the Avengers. Stephen […]

Doctor Strange #388 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #388 Review: I Have No Jaw, but I Must Bark

We relive Bats hopping into Doctor Strange’s possessed body, and he shakes the Sorcerer Supreme of Mephisto’s delusion. Bats tries to shake Stephen loose of the possession, but neither are sure how to do it. Worse yet, Strange keeps seeing a specter of Clea, and he keeps trying to chase her down. Despite the unnecessary […]

Doctor Strange #387 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #387 Review: Getting Back on Track

Doctor Strange has been broken, beaten, and left to bleed out within Mephisto’s Hotel Inferno in the Las Vegas hellscape. All hope seems lost when he gets an astral message from his closest friend, Wong. He tells Stephen of the team he’s put together to save both Las Vegas and the Sorcerer Supreme. Then, something […]

Doctor Strange #386 cover by Niko Henrichon

Doctor Strange #386 Review: Damnation Continues to Disappoint

We are shown the prelude to Doctor Strange’s Las Vegas arrival in Damnation, and we view the immediate aftermath. In that aftermath, Strange plays cards against Mephisto for the fate of Las Vegas. I was no fan of Damnation #1. It’s lack of tone coherence, Doctor Strange actively making the lives of Las Vegas worse by […]

Doctor Strange #26 Review: Strange Will Be Just Fine (Hopefully)

In an ancient catacomb beneath New York (which has simultaneously always and never been there), a trio of sorcerers seek out an artifact. However, they are chased by an unknown evil, and they never reach their destination. In the present day, Doctor Strange and Zelma Stanton pick up where they left off, but the evil […]

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Doctor Strange #24 Review: A Thrilling Sorcerer Showdown

So, we’ve finally reached the end of the Secret Empire tie-in to the Doctor Strange comic. Strange, Spider Woman, Kingpin, and Ben Urich have reached their climactic showdown with Baron Mordo. Spider Woman is in a ghost plane, Fisk has been possessed by a shadow demon, and Urich is in a divine white suit of armor. […]

Doctor Strange #23 Review: It Can’t Take Itself Seriously, So Why Should I?

*Ties into the Secret Empire crossover Alright, after a weekend of writing San Diego Comic-Con news articles, we’re back to writing comic reviews. Everybody cheer! Now stop cheering, because we’re about to tear into a comic series I previously liked by a writer whose work I generally enjoy. For those who haven’t been keeping up […]