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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

Amazing Spider-Man's 2099 Event Gets a Launch Trailer from Marvel

Amazing Spider-Man's 2099 Event Gets a Launch Trailer from Marvel

If you're a fan of the 2099 universe or just of seeing Marvel Editor Nick Lowe yelling like a maniac, you'll be pleased to learn that Marvel has released a trailer for 2099, the new event kicking off in Amazing Spider-Man #33 tomorrow that revisits the 2099 universe to somehow cash in on nostalgia for […]

Marvel's Runaways Become Doc Justice and the J-Team

Marvel's Runaways Become Doc Justice and the J-Team in November

Yesterday, Marvel Comics published a video teaser wherein a visibly irritated Nick Lowe teased a new superhero team that would change part of the Marvel Universe forever. Well, it looks like the part of the Marvel Universe that will never be the same again is the Runaways part, as the popular characters will join Doc […]

Doc Justice and the J-Team to Change (Part Of) Marvel Universe Forever

Doc Justice and the J-Team to Change (Part Of) Marvel Universe Forever

Marvel is introducing a new superhero team, and it's going to change the Marvel Universe forever! Well, part of the Marvel Universe, at least. At least, that's what Marvel Editor Nick Lowe claims in a new promo video posted to "First there was the Avengers. Then the X-Men. Through the years we've had the […]

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Panel At NYCC: The No Tongue Rule Broken

Hugh Sheridan reports from NYCC for Bleeding Cool: Editor Nick Lowe MCed Friday's "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" panel at NYCC, which also featured writers Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Chip Zdarsky (Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man) Robbie Thompson (Spider-Man vs. Deadpool) and artist Will Sliney (Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider), Rodney Barnes (Falcon) and Venom editor Devin […]

SDCC Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel Report: Lackluster And Boring

The big Marvel news panel of SDCC rolls around again, so we will see what kind of announcements and news chief creative officer Joe Quesada has in store for us this time. Bringing editors Nick Lowe, CB Cebulski, Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker the VP of Development of Marvel TV and New Media, and creators Kris […]

Marvel Executive Editor Nick Lowe Gets Another Job

By Joe Glass Executive Editor Nick Lowe, a longstanding editor within Marvel, is now also to be taking on the role of Vice President for Content, Digital Publishing within the company. Worry not! He'll remain an Executive Editor as well, but will just be adding a new feather to his cap too, in a role […]

Sneaky Marvel Stealth-Introduced a New Ghost Rider In Sorcerers Supreme #1

Through a loosely-defined EXXXCLUSIVE on, Marvel has revealed that they're introducing a brand new Ghost Rider! Retroactively, two issues ago, in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1! Originally referred to only as Kushala, the Demon Rider, it turns out she's actually a Ghost Rider after all, from the 1880s, says Marvel editor Nick Lowe: […]

Marvel's Nick Lowe And Ego The Living Planet Sitting In A Tree…

Executive Editor Nick Lowe got asked some very important questions… sadly none of those made the cut in this edition of Ask Marvel. Instead he tells us which Marvel character he relates to, which one he would date, what is good… most of his answers are food related… and how many stories are in the […]

Tales from the Four Color Closet: The Inhuman Problem

By Joe Glass As the prominence of the Inhumans and decline of mutants visibility has been seen more and more at Marvel comics of late, many have talked about problems with going in that direction and seeing the mutants going through yet another decimation of their numbers and facing extinction. However, few have touched on […]

Doctor Strange By Jason Aaron And Chris Bachalo To Follow Secret Wars

In the current Secret Wars event, the Doctor Strange of the Marvel Universe has become Sheriff Strange, Doom's right hand man, keeping the Battleworld in order. But afterwards? Entertainment Weekly has been given news and pictures by Marvel PR of a new Doctor Strange series by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo to launch in October. "This […]

ECCC '15: Marvel Official – It's Not A Reboot

When the Avengers storyline Time Runs Out was pitched to retailers at a private meeting last year, we pointed out that Marvel were teasing a reboot. Though we doubted they'd actually do it. DC Comics are the publisher of reboots after all. Indeed, their upcoming Convergence series is based on revisiting much that was rebooted away. […]

Retailers Get To Quiz Marvel's Big Wigs At New York Comic Con

Comic book retailers are getting their own special meeting and presentation with the executives of Marvel Comics at New York Comic Con, entitled Meet Marvel Editorial. In what is basically a real life version of The Avengers, teaming up to face the onslaught of enraged retailers are Dan Buckley – President, TV, Publishing & Brand Management, […]

Original Sin Annual Plus A Blind Inhuman And His Dog Are Some Of Marvel's Next Big Things

Joe Glass liveblogged this panel. The panel included Executive editor Mike Marts, senior editor Nick Lowe, and writers Charles Soule, Gerry Duggan and Mark Waid will be taking us on this tour of the next big storylines in the Marvel Universe, so stay tuned for live updates from the panel. The started by discussing the new Avengers NOW titles, including Thor, Superior Iron […]

Nick Lowe Sings As The Page Turns – The First Two Chapters And More From Marvel AR

[youtube][/youtube] Marvel are producing an actual drama set in the offices of the publisher, with the employees playing themselves. It's not actually bad, my favourite moments ate a singing Nick Lowe, a pushy Tom Brevoort (literally), Kelly Sue's tarot card sharp and Jordan White's puppet skills. Yes, the end of the first chapter goes a […]

Marvel Infinity – The New Event Includes Remender and McNiven On Uncanny Avengers

Joseph Schmidt reporting for Bleeding Cool: Marvel's latest event is gaining steam and many participating writers, artists and editors are here today to discuss it. The usual round of clips were shown before the panel began followed by introductions by Nick Lowe. Panelists include editor Steve Wacker, writer Rick Remender, EIC Axel Alonso, writer Sam Humphries, writer […]