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"Lord of the Rings": Amazon Prime Prequel Series Heading to New Zealand

No matter what (if any) involvement Lord of the Rings/Hobbit cinematic guru Peter Jackson has with Amazon Prime Video's upcoming prequel series, the streaming service and writers/showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay are looking to walk in the filmmaker's footsteps by basing production in New Zealand. With pre-production currently underway and full production expected to […]

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes 'Winds of Winter'?

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes 'Winds of Winter'?

HBO's watch has ended when it comes to the main saga of Game of Thrones, and eyes are once again turning to creator George R. R. Martin to FINISH. THE. DAMN. BOOKS. Martin continues to give non-updates on the state of things, and we do sympathize with Grandpa George. Imagine having the responsibility of the most popular […]

Valve Removes Steam "Tributes" To New Zealand Shooter Suspect

If you ever needed to know how terrible of a society gamers can be, look no further than Steam this week as Valve had to remove a ton of content in wake of the New Zealand shootings. According to a report from Kotaku today, the company had to take action against over 100 profiles on […]

Avatar Sequel Delayed Due To Writing Difficulties

James Cameron's plan is to write and then film all three of the Avatar seques at once… but writing the three films has proving more difficult than he expected so the first film is being delayed a year. Original schedule for late 2016, the first of the three films won't be released until the end […]

Loot Crate Adds France, Finland And New Zealand

Loot Crate doesn't ship to every country in the world. But they now can add have France, Finland and New Zealand to that list. As a Brit I do have to warn, it may take a few more days from their Canadian warehouses than it does to, say, New Jersey, but I'm happy enough. And new […]

Lost Girls Pulled Off New Zealand Library Shelves – In Order For It Not To Be Censored

Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls has been removed from the shelves of New Zealand's Auckland Library. You can probably guess why. But there's an intriguingly Catch-22 twist. Louise LaHatte, regional collections manager for Auckland City Libraries, said the book had never gone to the Office of Film and Literature Classification but the library […]

DC Comics Loses Trademark Fight Against Superloans

Yesterday, assistant commissioner of trademarks in New Zealand, Jenny Walden, as declared that Superloans character Buck does not infringe the Superman trademark of DC Comics/Warnr Bros The Dominion Post reports that Walden said that, "although it was clear Buck was a superhero because of his "exaggerated musculature", fitting body suit and his ability to fly, […]

The Batman Of New Zealand

TVNZ in New Zealand reports that someone dressed as Batman walked into a police station in Christchurch asking why the Bat Signal had been lit. This was believed to be in reference to the White Lights Of Hope lights, shining to commemorate the earthquake last year that killed many. The Batman demanded to speak to […]

Sunday Runaround, Sausages, Mark Millar And Danny DeVito

QuakeWatch: In February, Bleeding Cool told you about Comics Compulsion, the comics store in Christchurch, New Zealand, that was at the epicentre of the earthquake there. The area was declared unsafe, and the shop was forced to operate from the back of Penelope Place. The following Saturday will see them relaunch the store properly in […]

Christchurch Comic Shop In Earthquake Danger

The facebook page of Compulsion Comics in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been reporting on the state of the city and country in the wake of serious earthquake disaster. The day after they were promoting Nathan Fillon's attempt to buy the rights to Firefly, they were assuring people that everyone was alive, telling concerned customers; Hi […]

They Call Him The Incredibro Hulk

Also Awesome Maouri Guy. But the inspirational figure filmed flinging blocks of stone and concrete like they were polystyrne, trying to rescuing survivors of the recent New Zealand earthquakes, is one Ashei Sopoaga, from Samoa, living in Little River near Akaroa and a 40-year-old father of five. Real Life Super Heroes, take note. [youtube][/youtube]