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Bill Jemas Needs A Lawyer

Bleeding Cool has been covering the existence of ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas‘ new comics-and-other-media publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans. based in New York. That it has hired ex-Marvel EIC Axel Alonso as their editor-in-chief. That the money is coming from Alexander Taussag of Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Jon Miller of multi-billion investment firm TPG Capital who recently bought the Fandom websites. […]

How Things Change – Bill Jemas and ‘AOL Comics’

Once upon a time, then-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas used to refer to his rival DC Comics as ‘AOL Comics’. Warner Bros and AOL had merged, he used it as an insult, a shot across the bows. This kind of thing. The average Marvel book sells over 50,000 units per month. The average AOL book sells […]

Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso Talent-Hunting For New Comics Publisher

Before San Diego Comic-Con I heard two rumours. That ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas was starting up a new comic book publisher and looking for people. And that he may have been behind this wanted ad. And I also heard that ex-Marvel EIC Axel Alonso was doing the same thing. Well, tonight I have heard from a couple of pretty […]

Bill Jemas to Return to Comics Publishing?

Bleeding Cool has heard that Bill Jemas is getting back into the comics industry. Apparently, he thinks the comics industry desperately needs something — and that thing, it appears, is him. A former executive vice president of Marvel Comics, he entered the business through trading card company Fleer. Bill Jemas gained prominence in the nineties, […]

dead rabbit comics

Dead Rabbit Trademark Battle Looming? Image Comic vs. New York Bar

Bleeding Cool has covered the publication of a new comic book by John McCrea and Gerry Duggan called Dead Rabbit. We were rather complimentary about it. It was announced on February 21st at Image Expo. An ashcan was published at C2E2 last month, and the comic is out in September. Well, as long as nothing gets in […]

ReedPOP, Syfy Wire to Live-Stream NYCC, ECCC and C2E2 in New Deal

ReedPOP and Syfy Wire are set to give fans who can’t make it out to Chicago, Seattle or New York City this year the next best thing to being there, with the editorial arm of NBCUniversal’s Syfy cable network striking a deal with the event producer to be the exclusive live-streaming partner for Chicago Comic & Entertainment […]


Bolivar Tips The Scales In Its Favour For Kids Book Of The Year

To be short, because you’ll want me to be: if you have kids, Bolivar should be bought. To be long, if you are a human being with young humans that you look after and care for there is a children’s comic book by Sean Rubin published by Archaia called Bolivar, and it really should become a purchase that you make […]

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan Gets A Sixth Season And A Move To New York

It feels like it wasn’t that long ago that we told you Showtime had renewed Ray Donovan for a fifth season. And here we are a little over a year later, and the show is coming up on its fifth season finale — and we get to tell you that the show is coming back […]

Titan Comics To Publish Original Babylon Berlin Comic – Full Art

Bleeding Cool broke this story out from the Diamond Retailer meeting yesterday. But now we have a lot more art to show off. Titan Comics and Hard  Case Crime will be publishing a new comic book series, Babylon Berlin, the translated graphic novel that was adapted into the German TV series picked up for worldwide […]

Justice League Day On November 18th To Reprint Justice League #1 With Free Tattoos

Bleeding Cool reported plenty from DC Comics from yesterday’s Diamond retailer breakfast at New York Comic-Con. Catch up with all the information from all manner of publishers right here. But a few bits slipped past us.  Such as the cover to the promotional Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee reprint for Justice […]

Is Jim Lee’s Addiction To Foldouts Getting Out Of Control?

Bleeding Cool reported plenty from DC Comics from yesterday’s Diamond retailer breakfast at New York Comic-Con. Catch up with all the information from all manner of publishers right here. But a few bits slipped past us.  Here’s one. Firstly that the new series spinning out of Metal, and dubbed the New Age Of DC Heroes, […]

The Last Jedi Brings Star Wars Props And Costumes To NYCC

Written by Amanda Gurall We have two months until The Last Jedi opens but we got a look at some of the costumes and props used in the film today at NYCC to hold us over. Praetorian Single and Double Blade Swords Snoke’s personal guard force will be armed with swords containing electro-plasma energy filaments […]

DC Comics Drops The Rebirth Tag And Bring Back The Corner Box From December

How long is a rebirth a rebirth? When is it just the way things are now? Well, according to DC Comics at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con, December.   That’s when the Rebirth trade dress comes off all their comics which have had it prominently displayed since the summer of 2016. And […]

What Will Be Inside The Doomsday Clock Ashcan Given Out Tomorrow At NYCC?

At the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meeting this morning, retailers were reminded that the Final Order Cut Off date for Doomsday Clock #1 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is October the 16th  and they were recommended to order as many as possible. Obviously.   A video from Geoff Johns talked about how the story hit him after the […]

Tank Girl Day Will Be In October 2018 For Her 30th Anniversary

Today, Titan Comics has announced that Tank Girl will be getting her very own day for the character’s 30th Anniversary on October 6th, 2018. And will be having a year-long celebration from her current publisher, Titan, ahead of that day, More details will be announced in a couple of weeks.   Tank Girl is a comic book […]

Fanboy Funk: Barzinga At Big Apple Comic Con

This past weekend Ed and I headed up to beautiful New York City to check out Big Apple Comic Con. If you read my previous con report, you’ll know that this show wasn’t the best. But we had a little bit more to talk about later that evening. And I promise, one day Rich and […]