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David Arquette Hopes to Return for "Scream 5"

First, we mentioned wanting to see more Scream in our future before the announcement was made. Then we hoped it would be a sequel, which rumors suggested was a possibility. Third, we expressed a strong desire to see the cast return — and the stars are slowly but surely aligning with potential for Scream 5. […]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

Neve Campbell Talks "Scream 5" Rumors at Steel City Con

When you hear the term 'scream queen" many horror veterans come to mind, but one of the most notable is none other than Scream star Neve Campbell. Campbell has portrayed the character of Sidney Prescott for four films, solidifying herself as a genuine genre icon and there will always be a desire for her to […]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

"Scream 5" Rumor Suggests Original Cast is Being Pursued

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the prospect of another Scream film by Spyglass Media Group, with little information about the plot — aside from their interest in making a new Scream. Though we've all had our opinions about what Scream 5 should focus on, a new rumor suggests that the production company is […]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

5 Things We Would Like to See in "Scream 5"

Now that we're supposedly getting another Scream film after several years of silence, the internet has blown up with comments, suggestions, and ideas about what they hope to see from the film. Despite not knowing the direction they will take the next installment, we have compiled a few ideas that we hope to see in […]

A New "Scream" Film In Development With Spyglass Media Group

Various horror legends have been a topic of discussion lately, and now one of the very best could be making its way back to us soon enough. Eight years after Scream 4 brought the franchise into a new generation, there's officially talk of reviving Scream to continue integrating Ghostface into the thriving horror genre. Just […]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

Why "Scream 4" Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

Within the last several months, social media, as well as select media outlets, have finally acknowledged that Wes Craven's Scream 4 is a solid body of work. At the time of its release, horror wasn't focused on the slasher genre and it felt like its achievements went largely unnoticed. Now, eight years after the film […]

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Skeet Ulrich Wants Neve Campbell to Join the Cast of Riverdale

Skeet Ulrich, who plays FP Jones, the father of Jughead (Cole Sprouse) on the CW series Riverdale, has an idea of who the show should cast as Jughead's mom. And the idea is so good, you might Scream. Ulrich told TVLine that he thinks they should get his 1996 film Scream co-star Neve Campbell for the […]

A Very Big List Of Casting Updates

Much of what follows was written by Simon Gallagher, though I've added some more updates at the bottom. What we have here are a few days worth of casting updates. First off, comes the ridiculously exciting news that Hugo Weaving will be reuniting with the Wachowskis for their adaptation of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, which […]

New Scream 4 Pictures Spill Blood And Spoilers

Here are a series of newly released Scream 4 images. Consider these an object in modern movie marketing, and how it isn't afraid to reveal key plot points. Which is to say, look closely at these pictures and some of the film's surprises will be spoiled. And finally, I'm very curious about this last one. […]

First Trailer For Scream 4 Overflows With Teases

It starts with a phone ringing, goes on through "Welcome home, Sydney" and shares a lot of the "new rules" for how a horror film works – it's a Scream movie alright. Much of the best stuff is in the second half, though, where quick-cut clips show us all kinds of things out of context, […]

Hey, Look – Here's That Scream 4 Video I Promised You

In the video below you'll see the ghostface killer in full Screamadelic flow while whiffle-waffling soundbites fill the air. Just look at the shots of shots being shot: the sets seem mightily familiar, don't you think? So much so that I'm starting to get suspicious… Flashbacks? Now, Scream 4 isn't going to go all Back […]

We All Scream For Scream 4

Why don't we have a rapid-fire roundup of the Scream 4 comings and goings over the last couple of days? First of all, here's a snap of Neve Campbell with what appears to be a sassy new do for the movie. That's Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood with the long blonde tresses. She can thank […]