DC Batman Arkham Knight Bat-Signal Light Up Statue

DCTV, Star Trek, Harry Potter Exclusives Coming to SDCC from Icon Heroes

DCTV, Star Trek, and even Harry Potter fans are going to want to hit the Icon Heroes booth at SDCC. Statues, mousepads, card holders, they have a little bit of everything for everyone this year. The highlight would be the $150 Batsignal they are offering this year. The cardholders are pretty sweet as well. Check […]

Gaming in the Dark: We Review the Razer Goliathus Chroma Mouse Mat

We get our fair share of gaming mousepads here with various qualities to them and a sense of what they can do for your game, but we don't really get a ton of them that light up along with your keyboard and mouse. Enter Razer's Goliathus Chroma, their latest soft gaming mouse pad. But is this a […]

Searching For A Better Mouse Pad With The ROCCAT Dyad

For the past few years, I've owned a ROCCAT Taito mousepad that I received for review at another publication. Prior to owning it, I had gone through my fair share of pads that either didn't do the job because of the surface or didn't feel right on the hand and the arm because of what […]