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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47 [Preview]

A Final Battle with Reed Richards in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47 [Preview]

Next week, Marvel Comics will release the final issue of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which is unfortunate timing seeing as the book is about to become an animated series. Nevertheless, we’ve got a preview of the issue by Brandon Montclaire, Alitha E. Martinez, Tamra Bonvillain, and Travis Lanham. And this final issue is going […]

Did Marvel Stealth-Cancel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Did Marvel Stealth-Cancel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Back in April, we wrote about four Marvel Comics titles which, based mostly on a gut feeling from reading the solicitations released that month, looked like they could be on the chopping block. Those titles were Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Unstoppable Wasp, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The X-books were confirmed to be ending soon […]

Who's Smarter, Moon Girl or Valeria Richards?

Who’s Smarter, Moon Girl or Valeria Richards? (Fantastic Four #10)

The rankings are supposed to be settled. The smartest person on Earth in the Marvel Universe is Lunella Lafayette, AKA Moon Girl, of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fame. That’s not just a PR moniker. It’s established cannon, as explained in 2017’s Unstoppable Wasp #1, as Mockingbird explains to Nadia… That test in question is […]

Moon Girl Puts Thor in His Place - Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #43 Preview

Moon Girl Puts Thor in His Place – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #43 Preview

War of the Realms comes to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in next week’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #43, but this preview of the issue doesn’t waste much time ruminating on the invasion of Earth by the forces of Malekith. Instead, Moon Girl uses that invasion as a good reason for a flashback, remembering […]

Moon Girl is Really Tired of Superhero Origin Stories

If there’s one thing that all of us have probably seen enough times in the course of our fandom, it’s superhero origin stories. For some of the most popular heroes, it seems like we must relive their origins over and over again. Even Doctor Strange’s origin has been told more than enough times. It seems […]

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Gets an A-List Guest Star in November

When it comes to guest appearances in comic books, Wolverine stands a cut above the rest in terms of sheer ludicrous volume. But one character who might give ol’ Wolvie a run for his money is Santa Claus, who has really made the rounds in Marvel Comics over the decades. But one story in particular, […]

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32: Not Suitable for Children?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32 is comic whose flagrant violations of the Comics Code of 1954 are made exponentially worse by the fact that the comic is marketed to impressionable young children. If ever there were a comic that needs the strict regulation of the New Comics Code Authority, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur […]

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Are Getting a Television Show

Marvel announced today that Marvel TV is developing a show based on the comic book Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Aiming to capitalize on the incredible success of Black Panther at the box office, the announcement on reads: If this past weekend’s release of Marvel Studios “Black Panther” has taught us anything, it’s that […]

Secret Warriors #12 cover by Javier Garron and Israel Silva

Secret Warriors #12 Review: Cake, Risk, and Friendship-Mending

Quake is invited over to Moon Girl’s house on the presumption that it’s her birthday. When she arrives, she learns that this is supposed a babysitting gig. Worse yet, it turns into a Secret Warriors reunion when Inferno, Magik, Ms. Marvel, and Karnak arrive. It’s also a game night. On the menu is cake and […]


Venom #153 Review: A Glorious Amount Of Dinosaurs

Stegron has control of the Devil Dinosaur! Venom and Moon Girl have to pull back to come up with a plan to free Devil and put a stop to Stegron’s plans to turn all of New York into slave dinosaur people. Thankfully, Venom comes up with a plan to save the day; they only have […]

Venom #152 Review: A Fun Diversion From Secret Empire’s Dreariness

Having discovered an underground kingdom of dinosaur people led by Stegron, the Dinosaur Man, Venom is put against the wall struggling against the hordes of dinosaur-human hybrids created by the creature. Luckily, he gets a little help from a source you’ve probably guessed at already. When Eddie returns to Alchemax after the first battle, he […]

Monsters Unleashed on Avengers Academy

  Marvel continues to push Monsters Unleashed, as we come to the tail end of the event comics, have announced an ongoing following it, and now the event is the focus of the mobile game Avengers Academy. Which is impressive for Avengers Academy itself too. The game is really giving Marvel Comics a run for […]

Our First Look Inside Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

Looks like the classic Moon Boy will appear as well as new character and Inhuman, Luna Lafayette, in Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Natacha Bustos… as we get our girst look inside the covers.. Meet Lunella Lafayette, pre-teen super genius who wants to change the world. But when she uncovers ancient […]

Expect The New Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur To Show Up All Over The Place

In his weekly spot of PR with CBR, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso talked about a number of Marvel projects announced this week, including Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur by Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder and Natacha Bustos. He pointed out that Bustos’ first interior Marvel work would be in the next issue of Spider-Woman and then let us […]

Axel Alonso Confirms Black Panther Title, Responds To Concerns Over Black Comics Creators At Marvel

From Marvel Editor-In-Chief’s Axel Alonso‘s weekly interview on CBR, he mentioned, Throughout the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” [initiative] that continues through February. I am very excited about the stuff we have planned — especially “The Totally Awesome Hulk” and “Black Panther.” Which does confirm what previous previews suggested, of a Black Panther ongoing series. He also tackled the […]