The Onslaught Expansion For "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Is Available

The Onslaught Expansion For “Star Wars: The Old Republic” Is Available

This week, BioWare released a brand new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, as the developers plan to bring on the Onslaught to the MMORPG. Like a lot of expansions for the series, dark forces are looking to take over the Republic, and you’ll be on the frontlines deciding thre fate of the galaxy. […]

"AxE: Alliance Vs Empire" Receives A Massive Content Update

“AxE: Alliance Vs Empire” Receives A Massive Content Update

Nexon announced this evening that AxE: Alliance Vs Empire is receiving a major content update to the MMORPG that will help improve the game. Below are the improvements they’re adding in this week, which includes a new Moonstone System and a season event on the way for Halloween. The update is available as we speak, […]

We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play

Opinion: Why Sports Gaming Can Learn from MMORPGs and Mobile Gaming

Sports video game market has always been ritualistic with releases from the latest Madden NFL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and WWE. Each offers new features, play mechanics and roster updates, but every year the process remains the same, “In with the new and out with the old.” The result ends up in excessive clutter flooding the […]

Astellia Game Trailer

‘Play-to-Win’ MMO Astellia to Launch on PC This Year

  Studio 8 has revealed their newest project, the modern fantasy MMORPG Astellia, which will be playable at PAX South later this week. Astellia is set to launch later this year with several planned beta periods coming up soon. Studio 8 describes the game as a “AAA MMORPG where players collect dozens of magical companion fighters known […]


Couch Studios Announces a New Cross-Platform MMORPG Called Ember Sword

Couch Studios sent out an announcement over the weekend for their brand new MMORPG title Ember Sword, which will be a cross-platform game. If you’re a fan of Runescape, then this may just be up your alley as the game will have an open PVP system complete with its own economy and specialized combat system. […]

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is Adding Rabam’s Enlightenment and Team Battle

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games released details this morning of two new additions coming to Black Desert Online, the first being in a new move set called Rabam’s Enlightenment while the other will introduce Team Battle to the system. We have an official trailer and details for Rabam’s Enlightenment below, but the Team Battle system is a […]

Ashes of Creation Shows Off Their Latest Gameplay Video

A little something special from Intrepid Studios today as they have released a pre-alpha gameplay video for Ashes Of Creation, showing off some of the new features in the game. To be clear, this footage is actually from a livestream they did on their Twitch channel to show off features to whoever may be watching, but […]

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a Proper MOBA, Just One on Your Phone

Timi Studio and Tencent Games’ Arena of Valor is viewed as the king of mobile MMOs for a very good reason. The game has pretty great 3D graphics, with an attractive art style, and features easy controls. But Arena of Valor is a MOBA which kind of derails that “king of mobile MMOs” title. Still, the game […]

Elsword Just Got The First Of Three Massive Updates

KOG Games released some new information today on the first of three updates that are coming to their MMORPG Elsword. Today you have what is being called the 3rd Job Update, which will have a third job class for every path with 37 job classes in total. Below are some of the additional details for […]

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Reveals Mystic Class and New Warship

This morning, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games dropped a bit of a bombshell on Black Desert Online fans by announcing a new class of warrior would be joining the game in the form of the Mystic, as well as a new warship. Below are the finer details on the two, as well as a trailer for […]

Finding A New Sandbox To Play In: We Review ‘Albion Online’

If you’re going to find a new MMORPG, there’s a lot you need to look for. Especially if you’ve committed yourself to one specific game for a long period of time. Ask any World Of Warcraft player and they’ll tell you that even when they quit out of disgust or anger, it still felt like […]

Black Desert Online Is Coming To Xbox One

The MMORPG Black Desert Online is making the jump to console with the Xbox One family of consoles. And as is the theme with the Microsoft E3 show, it got a 4K trailer. Because that’s just the thing they’re doing today. All i can say is, this is one RPG that looks like every other RPG […]

New “Striker” Character Coming To ‘Black Desert Online’

Pearl Abyss will be adding a brand new class of character to their lineup for their MMORPG. Black Desert Onlne will soon have “Striker” characters for people to play as while they roam through the many lands ahead. Honestly, looking at the Korean trailer below, it feels like this is a fighting game character who […]