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Alan Moore Feature Film, The Show, to Debut at SXSW 2020

SCOOP: Alan Moore's Feature Film, The Show, Has Premiere at SXSW 2020

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have been making the movie The Show for at least ten years. It began life as a burlesque video that Mitch was making but got more elaborate as Alan Moore provided character, backstory, plot and dialogue, then spitting out five short films collectively dubbed Show Pieces, as well as the […]

Alan Moore And Colleen Doran's Big Nemo To Be A Print Comic As Well? #TB15

At the ElectriComics panel at Thought Bubble this morning, the panel were asked if any of their digital comics (free on the iOS App) would appear in print. Mitch Jenkins, the man who helped get the funding for the project and longtime Alan Moore collaborator had an answer. He said that they have been talking to […]

The Reason HP Lovecraft Is Of Such Importance To Alan Moore (VIDEO)

Today sees the launch of Providence #1, the new comic book by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows at Denver Comic Con. And in all comic book stores on Wednesday. Here, in the first of three short films by Mitch Jenkins, Alan Moore explains the importance of HP Lovecraft, on a personal level, ahead of the […]

Bleeding Cool's 31 Best Interviews Of 2014

For me, interviews are a big part of what I look back on when I consider my experiences in comics at the end of the year. Whether taken from phone discussions, live at conventions, or via e-mail, interviews are how I've gained my greatest insights into the medium, and they've been a continual education for […]

Talking To Khandie Khisses About Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces

Khandie Khisses talked to Bleeding Cool about her role in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces, Khandie Khisses is many things. Veteran soldier, burlesque dancer, stand up comedian, occasional contributor to Bleeding Cool – and actor in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces, recently showing at London's FrightFest. We bumped into each other […]

Nicola Scott Draws The Sway, For Electricomics

These are Nicola Scott's character designs for the Sway, written by Leah and John Moore-Reppion. A strip appearing for the debut of Electricomics, the new enhanced comic book medium launch by Alan Moore, and spinning out of his screenplay for The Show, where children read Electricomics on their Spindles. See also, the energy drink Fuel Rods and the computer game Escapism…   You can […]

Alan Moore Vs. Nigel Farage

On Friday, Alan Moore made an appearance on Channel 4 News in the UK to promote the collection of short films made with Mitch Jenkins, called Show Pieces, as it begins to tour the film circuit beginning with this weekend's FrightFest in London. Also booked on Channel 4 that night with Nigel Farage, leader of […]