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Now Mimi Yoon Covers Adventure Time For Boom (UPDATE)

For an upcoming issue of  Adventure Time: Candy Capers... I'm guessing this one will cause slightly less controversy than the recent IDW cover. Although, those Princess Bubblegum shoulders are rather bare… UPDATE: This Adventure Time cover by Mimi Yoon has been earmarked for use on Adventure Time #29, which will ship in June. It's a […]

Mimi Yoon… And Her Next Cover For IDW Comics

Yesterday, we ran an open letter to the comics industry by Dennis Barger about the recent IDW Powerpuff Girls cover that he campaigned to get withdrawn, as well as his take on the current comics industry. Original artist of that cover, Mimi Yoon, had her own take, and has been expressing it on these (open) […]

Cartoon Network Pulls Controversial Powerpuff Girls Cover

Bleeding Cool highlighted what we called "a modicum of controversy" over the Cartoon Network-comissioned Subscription cover to Powerpuff Girls #6 by Mimi Yoon. ICV2 got through to Cartoon Network who have now told them that the cover has been withdrawn and will be replaced. and received the following reply indicating the variant cover, which was […]