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“Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy” is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

“Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy” is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

One thing I miss about Hong Kong action movies is their sheer craziness. They used to be the most creative and unpredictable in the world. The best Hong Kong action movies used to leave us in awe for their sheer bat-shit craziness. At last, one has come along after a long drought. Line Walker 2: […]

Vin Diesel Can Feel A ‘Miami Vice’ Reboot Coming In The Air Tonight

Hearkening back to a simpler time when pastel t-shirts with white suits was never not awesome and Glenn Frey had you convinced that yeah, maybe you did belong to the city, NBC announced that it is looking to revive Miami Vice, one of the network’s most successful police procedurals…in large part, thanks to Vin Diesel. […]

FX Lands Vietnam Chronicle ‘Hue 1968,’ Mann, DeLuca Producing

FX announced on Thursday that it has secured the rights to adapt Mark Bowden‘s recently-released bestseller Hue 1968 into a limited series. Michael Mann (Miami Vice, Heat) and Michael De Luca (producer, Moneyball) will be spearheading the project, with Mann expected to direct several of the 8-10 episodes (including the pilot) and serve as executive […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — Miami Vice: Missing Hours

Tread Perilously returns with Erik and Justin in “Assignment: Miami.” For four weeks, the duo will take on pastels, neon rods and the worst Miami Vice can throw at them. In week one, they face Missing Hours, notable as many fans’ pick as the worst episode of the show. Officer Big Booty Trudy (as she’s […]

Chris Hemsworth As A Hacker In The Blackhat Trailer

Its out third trailer for the day, a cinematic hat trick, and it comes with the first trailer for Legendary Pictures and Universal’s new cyber thriller Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth. The film also stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei and Wang Leehom and it’s directed by Michael Mann. Blackhat will hit theaters January 16, 2015

Hancock 2 “Will Happen”, Story Idea Comes From Will Smith

As well as the rush to adapt pretty much every caped character who graced the four-colour page into a big screen franchise, the last ten years have also seen an incredible amount of movies based on original superheroes. The most expensive, and highest profile, I believe, was Hancock, Peter Berg‘s super-powered Will Smith vehicle from […]

Michael Mann And Baz Luhrmann Both Considering 3D Projects

20th Century Fox seem to be more keen on Blu-ray than many of their counterparts (the obvious exception would be Sony, who invented the format_. As well as unveiling their plans for Star Wars at the CES, the studio also held a panel discussion with three directors who love Blu-ray: Michael Mann, Oliver Stone and […]