The Batman Hater Rises – Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review

After the initial reaction to my Dark Days: The Forge review, it only seemed prudent to take on the follow-up issue Dark Days: The Casting. For those who don’t want to read through the whole thing, I’m no fan of Batman (hence the title to this review). The Forge read like a fawning pinnacle of […]

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Scott Snyder Reveals Some More About Metal And His ‘Dark Crisis’

Dark Days: The Casting revealed plenty about the shape of things to come from DC in the very near future as part of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s event, Metal. And as people pore over the pages and try to find every Easter egg, some are taking to just asking the writer. CBR did an […]


[Spoilers] Dark Days: The Casting #1 Redefines Metahumans For DC

This was a fun little metahuman connection made in today’s Dark Days: The Casting. But also, this is definitely spoilers, so you have been warned. Do not scroll passed the spoiler warning unless you really want it. The Joker, who seems to know an awful lot about what is going on with the mystery of […]

Scott Snyder’s Kids Explain DC Metal, Probably Better Than DC PR Will

Superstar writer and heroic champion of fan rights Scott Snyder has revealed an ultra-rare checklist variant for his and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Metal super-mege-crossover event. Snyder posted the sure-to-appreciate-in-value variant on Twitter, where he revealed that he worked with future comics superstars Scott Snyder’s kids to create it: So @dccomics is making a classy […]

All Star Batman

All Star Batman #11 Review – The Secrets Of Fathers And Sons

All Star Batman #11 continues the latest Scott Snyder Bat-story with the interesting notion that is rarely explored in depth in Batman’s history: the history of life-long put-upon butler and ally Alfred Pennyworth. What we know about Alfred has often been put across in small vignettes or descriptions or the odd line. He’s worked in […]

Dark Days: The Forge Review- Mysteries I Didn’t Want Or Need Or Care About

Marvel’s big thing is throwing big-universe changing events on a yearly basis implying vast universal changes but often do not change everything in the way they actually end up changing things with their corporate initiatives that are afraid to maintain a status quo for more than a year that lead to run-on sentences like this. […]

Dark Nights: Metal To Get Exclusive Retailer Variants

Marvel Comics do about seven a month. Image Comics is returning to them with Youngblood and a new system to support subsequent issues. But retailer exclusive covers from DC Comics have become rarer of late, since a spurt with Harley Quinn and Justice League Vs Suicide Squad. Well, they may be returning again, with Dark Nights: […]

Is Wonder Woman Getting A New Costume For Dark Nights: Metal?

Last week, we showed you some art Greg Capullo has been working on for the upcoming super-mega-crossover event Dark Nights: Metal, the super-mega-crossover event of the Summer with writer Scott Snyder that will lead into the Dark Matter line of books, as foretold by the great prophet Danstrodidimos: ACTION ACTION ACTION! #METAL — Greg […]

Take A Look Inside Dark Days: The Forge

DC Comics is currently in the midst of a big editorial shake-up, dividing its comics publishing line into three kingdoms, each ruled by its own Executive Editor reporting to Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. Pat McCallum heads up DC’s superhero publishing line, while Mark Doyle takes control of Vertigo and Young Animal, and Bobbie Chase oversees everything […]

Sons Of Balaur – The Gorillaz Of Metal

Oslo black metal band Sons Of Balour have signed to the Season of Mist label and will release their debut full-length on the label later this year. It would be even better if they actually existed. Or maybe it wouldn’t matter one way or the other. Their fictitious exploited to be detailed in their non-biographical comic Realm of […]