Aquaman Gets A Major Parental Issue (Aquaman #49 Spoilers)

A Very Big Change in Today’s Aquaman #49 (Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of Batman #73, Aquaman #49 and Justice League #26. And while Superman – now a parent to Jonathan Kent – has rediscovered his now-very-much-alive father Jor-El and all the complications that entail, everyone else appears to be catching up. Batman – now also a father – and now with a transdimensional […]

Aquaman One:12 Collective Figure Now Up For Preorders

Aquaman One:12 Collective Figure Now Up For Preorders

A new One:12 Collective figure of DC hero Aquaman is now up for preorder. This version of Arthur will feature scaled, soft armor, three head portraits, shoulder armor, eight pairs of interchangeable hands, his trusty trident, and the Atlantis Crown. Arthur has never looked better. You can place a preoreder at the link below, and […]

Prime 1 Studio Mera Comics Statue 9

Mera Statue Coming in Spring of 2020 From Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio is taking preorders on their new ridiculously cool comics version of DC Comics heroine Mera. The $1,099.00 statue stands at 29 inches tall and features a stunning portrait of Mera leaping out of the water, trident in hand. The detail on the suit, hair, trident, and really everything are a sight to […]

‘Aquaman’: Mera Showcase Another DC Base-Hit [Review]

Warner Bros. has managed to pull off another perfectly serviceable entry into their DC Extended Universe of films with Aquaman. Is it great or memorable? No, neither of those terms are likely to be at the forefront while you exit the theater, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun way to kick back for […]

Warner Bros. Already Planning ‘Aquaman 2’ Report Suggests

It’s always kind of fun when a studio starts planning a sequel for a film that hasn’t theatrically opened world-wide yet, which is reportedly the case for Warner Bros. with Aquaman. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter (which you REALLY have to read to get to this bit of info), Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman […]

44 Photos from ‘Aquaman’: Mera’s Jellyfish Gown and More

Since it’s now December, we can get even more excited that Aquaman‘s theatrical release is THIS MONTH! Thanks to Vital Thrills, we’ve got some new images from the Warner Bros. DC Comics film directed by James Wan starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard as Aquaman and Mera. Obviously, all these photos are from Warner Bros. Pictures. But lookit all […]

Jason Momoa Shares New Poster for ‘Aquaman’

It’s almost time for James Wan‘s Aquaman to swim into theaters, and there isn’t a day that goes by without a new piece of footage, trailer, or poster shows up.   The most recent one happens to come from Arthur Curry himself, Jason Momoa, who shared this new poster on this Instagram account.   View this post on […]

Mera Takes On the Justice Fish in Justice League #11 Preview

A new team of superheroes-turned-villains, one of the most fearsome ever assembled, can be seen in a preview of Justice League #11, released this week by DC Comics. Of course, we’re talking about the Justice Fish, members of the Justice League turned into murderous fish monsters by the Ocean Gods and the events of the […]

James Wan Shares Film Magazine November ‘Aquaman’ Cover

James Wan is super excited to have his Warner Bros. superhero film Aquaman featured on the cover of Film Magazine, folks. He really, really, is. Just today on Twitter, Wan shared a November issue cover of Film Magazine featuring Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard as Mera. Wan calls Film Magazine one of his “favorite mags growing up”, […]


We Have Over 5 Minutes of Aquaman Footage to Geek Out Over

Aquaman is looking to right the ship for DC and Warner Bros. (regardless how you feel about the films so far), and today they released the best look at the film yet. Over 5 minutes of footage was released, a lot of which was shown in Hall H at this years SDCC in July. Orm, […]

Aquaman #39 cover by Rafa Sandoval

Aquaman #39 Review: Atlantis Against the Suicide Squad

Mera struggles to gain control of the geopolitical situation Atlantis now that the nation has risen to the surface. She stands resolute, though, and she won’t stop until peace has been attained. Meanwhile, the U.S. is making a show of flying military jets over Atlantis and moving submarines into the water around the nation. Aquaman […]

Funko Aquaman Mera in Gown Pop

Aquaman Funko Products are Coming in October

Aquaman is taking over theaters in December, but ahead of that in October we will see the release of tons of products from Funko! Keychains, Pop, Mystery Minis, a little of everything. I am sure there will probably be even more, but let’s take a look at what they revealed today. First up: two new […]

Aquaman #38 cover by Stjepan Sejic

Aquaman #38 Review: A Finale a Year in the Making

Aquaman has failed to slay Corum Rath, now fully powered by the eldritch Abyssal Dark. Dolphin arrives to help, but her powers are greatly overshadowed by those of Rath and the Dark. Finally, when all seems loss, Queen Mera and the armies of Xebel arrive to save Atlantis and its people. The battle is renewed, […]

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6 cover by Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6 Review- Duel of the Monarchs

The time has come for the duel between Mera and Ocean Master. The winner takes the throne of Atlantis and rides back with the armies of Xebel at their back. The loser, by the rules of Xebel’s trial by combat, dies. Worse yet, should Orm Marius win, his sister, Tula, must wed Xebel’s king, Nereus. […]

mera: tidebreaker cover

First Preview of Mera: Tidebreaker by Danielle Page and Stephen Byrne

Danielle Page and Stephen Byrne‘s first graphic novel for DC’s young adult reader imprint, DC Ink, stars a certain Queen of the sea. Out in April, Bleeding Cool has the new cover of Mera: Tidebreaker and the first few pages. Princess Mera is teenage royalty and heir to the throne of Xebel, a penal colony ruled by […]

sdcc 2018 aquaman dc figures

Check Out the DC Multiverse Figures at the Mattel Booth at SDCC

DC Multiverse figures are making a huge push into retailers right now. Part of that will be the figures released in anticipation of Aquaman hitting theaters in December. On the floor at SDCC today we got some shots of not only Aquaman stuff galore (including their impressive underwater display) but the next waves of Multiverse […]

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #5 cover by Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #5 Review – The Miniseries Finally Comes Alive

Mera trains with an old mentor while Ocean Master negotiates terms with King Nereus of Xebel. Mera’s mentor, Leron, warns her of the duplicitous nature of Nereus and Mera’s own grandmother, Lammia. Later, Mera and Orn are called before Nereus for the announcement of whether Xebel will support Atlantis against Corum Rath. Mera: Queen of […]

2 Covers from Entertainment Weekly’s Aquaman Issue

We’re getting ever closer to the release of James Wan‘s Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa as the title DC Comics character. So close, in fact, that any word of a trailer and/or details are met with immediate excitement from fans. Thankfully, we have a bit of break in the rising tide of anticipation, as Entertainment Weekly’s newest issue […]