Why We Need a Legitimate "Charlie's Angels 3"

Why We Still Need a Legitimate "Charlie's Angels 3"

The recent release of Charlie's Angels hasn't exactly become a box office success, and though it's an enjoyable take on the title, it doesn't exactly live up to the magic of the films from 2000 and 2003. Despite being a lighthearted reboot/semi-continuation of the franchise's continuity, there's still a desire for a follow up to […]

Someone Found Footage Of Sunsoft's "The Terminator" NES Game

"Terminator" Ranking the Franchise to "Dark Fate" [OPINION]

With Terminator: Dark Fate's underwhelming performance in the box office, it leaves the state of the franchise with an uncertain future. It's hard to believe the franchise is 35 years old. Here is Bleeding Cool 's ranking of the Terminator films. Terminator Genisys (2015) Directed by Alan Taylor and written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick […]

Report: 'True Lies' Series Headed to Disney+, Schwarzenegger May Appear

Report: 'True Lies' Series Headed to Disney+, Schwarzenegger May Appear

Back in 2017, producer Marc Guggenheim had plans to reboot the 1994 True Lies film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as a tv series. Seemed like a not-terrible idea, the concept of a spy and his wife getting tangled up in various shenanigans wouldn't be totally outside of the realm of possibly entertaining tv fare. That was kind […]


Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr Optioned for TV Series

It's been announced that Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr has been picked up by Fox21, with the show being directed by McG. When playing through Vampyr, which I fell in love with, the game's world really did feel like something akin to a TV show. The way it revealed itself and the structure of the whole thing seemed […]

Babysitter Review: Campy Fun, Just Don't Think Too Much

The Babysitter is not a particularly great movie. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. Streaming on Netflix now, and just in time for Halloween, it is however probably destined for campy cult-film status. Going into this one I was not really sure what to expect from The Babysitter. Directed by […]

Clayne Crawford To Play Riggs In Lethal Weapon Pilot

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 24 veteran Clayne Crawford has joined the cast of Fox's Lethal Weapon pilot as Martin Riggs. Based on the 1987 feature film, the pilot stars Damon Wayans Sr. as Roger Murtaugh, an LAPD detective who must avoid stress following a minor heart attack. Partner with Riggs, an ex Navy SEAL […]

Fox Orders Lethal Weapon Pilot With Damon Wayans As Murtaugh

Deadline reports that Fox has ordered an hour-long pilot based on the Warner Bros. Lethal Weapon film series. Damon Wayans will play Roger Murtaugh, the part originally played by Danny Glover in all four of the Lethal Weapon films from 1987 to 1998. No one has yet been cast as Martin Riggs, the part originated […]

McG In Talks With Sony Regarding Masters Of The Universe

Deadline reports Terminator: Salvation director McG is in talks to direct Masters of the Universe, the second live-action film to spawn from Mattel's He-Man toy line. The first film, 1987's Masters of the Universe, starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as his archenemy Skeletor. Produced by Cannon Films on a shoe-string budget, the […]

NYCC '15: The Shadow Hunters Panel Recap

By Rich Epstein ABC Family took to New York Comic Con to introduce their new series Shadow Hunters to the world.  Most of the cast was on hand along with executive producer and director of the pilot episode McG and creator of the Mortal Instruments book series, Cassandra Claire. The panel opened with the first […]

Elizabeth Banks To Direct Charlie's Angels Reboot

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is in talks with Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks to direct a reboot of the short-lived Charlie's Angels film series, itself based on the Aaron Spelling produced ABC TV series starring Jaclyn Smith throughout its run and, at various times, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts and Kate […]

When Bleeding Cool Met McG – It Got Kinda Nerdy

I am a fan of McG and his approach crafting a film, if not necessarily a fan of all of his projects. To be fair, I don't know that all of them are aimed at me anyway. But I have always respected his craftsmanship. Seeing as This Means War is now getting its release in the […]

Second Shorter Trailer For This Means War

The Singapore office of 20th Century Fox have released an "international" trailer for McG's This Means War. It runs considerably shorter than the US cut, and has a slightly different emphasis. I still can't understand how we're supposed to sympathise with or root for Reese Witherspoon's character at all. If the script is really up […]