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The Division 2’s Next Update Scheduled to Boost PC Performance

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is slated for an update this week, patch 2.1, which will include some PC performance changes to deal with the DX12 crashes. Ahead of the patch, Ubisoft posted the preliminary patch notes which included a ton of changes coming to the game, as well as requests for DX logs from […]

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The Division 2 will be Removed From Most 3rd Party Retailers Post Launch

According to third party key retailer site Green Man Gaming, Ubisoft will be pulling The Division 2 from various digital retailers shortly after launch. It’s worth noting that Green Man Gaming, and other third party retailers, offer DRM compliant versions of the games, so Ubisoft’s decision to pull the game from those stores is a bit […]

Pre-Orders for The Division 2 Will Get You an Second Ubisoft Game Free

When you pre-order a PC copy of The Division 2, you don’t just get a copy of The Division. Ubisoft is also giving out a free copy of another Ubi game to PC players. If you get yourself a PC digital version of the game through a Ubisoft partner retailer like the Epic Games Store […]

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The Division 2 Officially Announced, Full Reveal Coming at E3

Ubisoft has announced that The Division 2 is officially on the way. The Division has had an interesting journey to this point. After being one of the most hyped up releases in recent memory two years ago and doing very well at launch, interest in the game seemingly dropping off pretty suddenly, leaving many to […]

Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics – Young Avengers, Tom Strong, Nova, Secret Avengers, Now What?, Haunted Horror, Justice League Dark, Great Pacific, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals, Uncanny Avengers, Pretty Deadly, Judge Dredd, Velvet, Infinity Hunt, Conan, Infinity Heist, Larfleez, Savage Wolverine, Rat Queens, Massive, Doctor Who, Rocketeer/Spirit, Samurai Jack, Mind MGMT, Kiss Me Satan, Zombie War, Fever Ridge, Dark Horse Presents, Vampirella, Army Of Darkness/Reanimator and Thunderbolts

Another week, a lovely load of comic books! The Gay Blade does seem to suit the long beard and hair in when talking to a created-by-Alan-Moore character in today’s Tom Strong, doesn’t he? Today’s lesson. When fighting Nova, don’t call his mother a cow. Simples. Don’t worry new Inhuman-in-Secret-Avengers, there are worst places you could […]

Twenty Thoughts About Twenty Comics Today – Morning Glories, Secret, Justice League, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Super Dinosaur, Angel And Faith, Mind The Gap, Skullkickers, Lazarus, Massive, Think Tank, Sex, Peanuts, Steed And Mrs Peel, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Regular Show, Uncanny X-Men, New Avengers, Wolverine & The X-Men, Uncanny Avengers

So how to start this week’s comics. Something, light, upbeat, feel good and… Okay, maybe Morning Glories wasn’t the best way to start. Well then, something else… Aah! Uncanny Avengers, do you really have to? I can’t take any more… Wolverine And The X-Men, you too? Can people please stop ripping off their faces, give […]

PODCAST: Pop Culture Hounding Brian Wood

[audio:] Chris Thompson writes for Bleeding Cool; This week Taylor & I go in-depth with three new, and very distinct, books. First up we tackle Adam Egypt Mortimer & Darick Robertson’s Ballistic #1 from Black Mask Studios; then delve into Tommie Kelly’s latest webcomic saga Them; and finally turn our attention to Brian Wood, Garry […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Half Past Danger To X-Men

Next week sees the launch of Half Past Danger from IDW, Bounce from Image, Akaneiro from Dark Horse, Green Team and a big expensive Green Lantern #20 from DC, Occupy Comics from Black Mask and Tank Girl from Titan. The week after that? Wake #1 and X-Men #1! DARK HORSE COMICS AKANEIRO #1 $3.99 DARK […]

The Massive Awakes

Alasdair Stuart writes: I’m a sucker for John Wyndham novels and my favorite by far is The Kraken Wakes. It’s not the most well-known Wyndham but it’s one of the smartest, following  Mike and Phyllis Watson, a pair of journalists who, on their honeymoon cruise, see a flotilla of odd shaped craft crash into the […]

Tales From ECCC: Brian Wood Is Massive

At ECCC, a number of anonymous Little Bleeders talked to a number of professionals. And this is what we learned. Brian Wood  might stay on Conan after his contract is up with 25 but no official word yet. He promised last year that Massive would have backmatter pages exclusive to the comic but they disappeared. […]

Review: The Massive #3

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; Brian Wood has gone from indie superstar, to mainstream mega-writer. That’s no accident. He’s been putting out boundaries breaking work for over a decade. What makes his creator owned catalog so captivating is his ability to sell not only high concept comics, but high concept comics that start in […]

The Massive #1 by Brian Wood, Kristian Donaldson and Dave Stewart

Elliot Cole reviews The Massive for Bleeding Cool; The Massive, Wood’s latest big new thing, regards a crew of Greenpeace-ish activists aboard a boat amidst (literally) tumultuous times. It’s a great start to a series, apart from tiny thing which I’ll get to presently, and the switching colour palettes easily guide you through and there’s […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks: Spider-Men, Massive, Kiss, Planetoid And Pantha…

Next week sees the launch of Brian Wood’s Massive from Dark Horse next week, along with Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, Kiss, Planetoid, Spider-Men and Pantha… and the week after sees the launch of Before Watchmen: Comedian,  DARK HORSE BTVS SEASON 9 FREEFALL #10 JEANTY VAR CVR $2.99 BTVS SEASON 9 FREEFALL #10 NOTO CVR $2.99 […]

BC Mag #0: The Massive: The Next Big Thing for Brian Wood

Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Keith Davidsen Brian Wood explores dramatic landscapes from every angle. We’ve seen it time and time again in such titles as DMZ and Northlanders, both bestsellers that were instant hits with fans and critics alike. While his stories are deeply personal, he meticulously builds the environment with rich geographic, political, […]

Sunday Runaround – Brian Wood’s Free Massive

PoliticsWatch: Ostensibly a kids comic, the rather successful Spirou in France goes rather political with its upcoming issue, declaring that in the midst of political uproar, France needs saving. The last time it did this was when Belgium was without a government… NovelWatch: Darkroom, is an autobiographical graphic novel by Lila Quintero Weaver about growing […]

Saturday Runaround: Tracking Down Tony Harris And Walking Dead Bibles At ECCC

TonyWatch: Kelly Davis tells Bleeding Cool from ECCC that Tony Harris was left out of both the program and iPhone App for the convention. If you want to track him down, and ask about his new work, you can find him at the Image booth promoting Chin Music with Steve Niles…. WalkingDeadWatch: Those looking for […]

DC Puts Before Watchmen On Previews Cover With Just One Word

There are few examples of one single word suggesting one specific comic book character. Shazam. Kimota. Snikt. Thwip. And… This is the back cover to the June Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalogue. Which will have all the Before Watchmen titles listed, including Rorschach by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. Should save on the art cost, […]