Marvel Puts Gaiman And Buckingham’s Miracleman On Hold… For Now

I noted that the Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham remastered reprints and new chapters of their Miracleman run from Marvel Comics were missing from recent Marvel Previews. But I put that down to the usual delays that have accompanied this series over the last thirty-five years. I didn’t know the half of it. Marvel Comics have told […]

IDW To Publish Original Art From Marvelman/Miracleman As Artifact Edition

Anyone who knows me, who has every talked to me about Marvelman or Miracleman will know that once two pages of original art by Alan Davis were stolen from me on a tube train, half an hour after buying them from Comics Showcase. I guy grabbed my portfolio and ran off as the doors closed. […]

A New Miracleman #1 For Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham’s Golden Age

From the inside page of today’s Miracleman #16, published by Marvel Comics and reprinting and remastering the original issue by Alan Moore and John Totleben, concluding Moore’s run on the character he so effectively revived. Rereading it, it is as majestic as I remembered, and with a final moment that effectively (and intentionally) undermines everything […]

At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison’s Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..

Grant Morrison has talked a  few times about the Kid Marvelman story he was asked to write for Warrior Magazine back in the day, after they’d fallen on bad terms with Alan Moore, only to get a note from Alan Moore asking him please not to. Well, there’s no one to stop him now. We’d […]

Possibly The Only Remaining Copy Of Marvelman #26 Sells For Over $4000

Spread the word: Marvel is looking for a copy of MARVELMAN #26 from1954 (the second issue) so we can include it in the reprint hardcover. — Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) June 15, 2010 Five years ago, Marvel’s Tom Brevoort was on the hunt for Marvelman #26, published in 1954, the second issue of the British Marvelman comic so they […]

Miracleman #9 Ignores Rick Veitch’s Colouring Instructions (But Only Of 1987)

UPDATE: As Stewart Lee says, “you can prove anything with facts”. Rick Veitch gets in touch regarding the piece below, saying “Please update your post about Marvel ignoring my 1987 coloring instructions to reflect that I had complete approval of Marvel’s new coloring. And that I think the new version looks fantastic too.” Which makes all […]

Bananaman – Or Miracleman?

Kev F Sutherland is a stand up comedian, comedy show producer, sock puppeteer, comic book writer/artist and educator. When the London UKCACs came to an end, he put on the Bristol Comics Expo which survives to this day. And he arranged and presented the National Comics Awards with Mark Buckingham – the first comics show […]

Miracleman #4 To Include Marvelman Summer Special And Warpsmith Stories From A1

It’s been interesting to see exactly what stories will be contained in the Marvel reprints of Marvelman, issue by issue, what they include and what they leave out. Including Yesterday’s Gambit was appreciated, but there is more to come. The Marvelman Summer Special, published by Quality to accompany Warrior was the comic that merited a […]

Is That Miracleman… Or Randy Orton?

  Here’s the Miracleman #3 cover by JG Jones.And here is wrestler Randy Orton doing his trademark pose. A little miracle referencing at work? Here are more covers and a look at the next Miracleman issue…

Miracleman – Goodbye To Nipples, But Sideboob Is A-Okay

I remember looking at earlier printed of Marvelman – Warrior, Eclipse, English collection, French collection, and realised I was able to judge how well a version has been reproduced very quickly by whether you could see the edge of Liz Moran’s nipple in one specific scene. I was a teenager, it was going to happen. […]

Liz Moran Wears Knickers In Miracleman – But Only In The Digital Version

Marvelman/Miracleman has a history of people trying to sensor various bits and pieces, as it challenged a variety of social mores over sex, nudity and violence. Miracleman #9, featuring a graphic depiction of childbirth taken from childbirth books, saw Steve Geppi of Diamond Comic Distributors ban the comic, saying, Diamond values its retailers too much […]

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman Talks Miracleman At New York Comic Con

Ganked by iPad from Cup O’ Joe at New York Comic Con, Neil Gaiman talks about the return of Miracleman in January… [youtube][/youtube] Marvel are publishing the entirety of the Marvelman/Miracelman run and concluding The Silver Age and The Dark Age with Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. They will be reprinting the Moore issues first, starting […]

Spotlight On Dean Mullaney At San Diego Comic Con

Ray Brown writes from San Diego Comic Con for Bleeding Cool; Dean was set to be the next assistant editor at Marvel, but Shooter took over, so he decided to start Eclipse instead.  And Eclipse was a pioneer for creator rights.  So Jim Shooter was indirectly responsible for Eclipse and creators’ rights. When Steve Gerber […]

Marvel: Origin II, Nightcrawler Series, Deadpool Vs Carnage And Marvelman

Well be hearing more of this over the next couple of days. But here they are first, from the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic Con. Origin II, a sequel to Wolverine’s origin series from a fair few years ago, a new series for the returning Nightcrawler, Deadpool Vs Carnage and a promise that […]

So… How Will Marvel Bring Back Marvelman?

So yesterday I rather poured cold water on The Beat’s claim that Marvel was to revive the Marvelman character with writer Andrew Hope. But it does raise the question, if not now, when will Marvel revive Marvelman? And how? The following is based on observation and assumption rather than actual knowledge. An attempt to look […]