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Mutant X Comes to Marvel Unlimited

Well, at least one Summers brother isn’t getting the shaft this week… *stares hard at Ed Brisson* Marvel has announced that Mutant X will hit Marvel Unlimited this month, following the release of the first half of a “Complete Collection” in September. Since we summarized the series back then, we’ll just copy and paste that […]

Marvel Unlimited Stealth-Adds Classic Claremont New Mutants, Amazing Adventures, More

In addition to their previously advertised classic comic additions to Marvel Unlimited, Marvel slipped a few more classic books into the digital subscription service this week. First and foremost, four issues of New Mutants, #51-54, including a story that sees Magneto bring the New Mutants to an event at the Hellfire Club, resulting in a […]

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Marvel’s Website Breaks Up with Facebook, Plans to Dump Google Soon

If you’ve read any of our various treatises on the X-Men, you know that we’re big supporters of Marvel Unlimited here at Bleeding Cool. The digital comics subscription service allows access to a very large chunk of the backlog of Marvel Comics, with a window before new comics are released. As far as we can […]

Archie Goodwin’s Nightmask Joins Marvel Unlimited

You enjoyed his rehash during Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena’s Marvel NOW Avengers run. Now, read the original Nightmask as the 1986 New Universe series by Archie Goodwin and a number of other writers and artists is available for the first time on Marvel Unlimited. A press release details the other classic comics that hit […]

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Police Have No Suspects in Theft of Iron Man Armor, But We Have Some Ideas

Someone has stolen Tony Stark’s armor (again)! A report from THR reveals that LAPD are investigating the theft of an Iron Man suit from the Marvel Studios movies worth somewhere in the “mid-six figures,” and police have no idea who could have done it. The crime was reported on Tuesday, leaving plenty of time over […]

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Marvel Unlimited is the Perfect Gift for New and Lapsed Readers, But…

Marvel Unlimited is probably the best deal in comics today, offering unlimited access to a huge portion of Marvel’s back catalog, including recent issues on a delay, for $9.99 a month or less. If you’re interested in, for instance, reading the entire history of the X-Men, you can do most of that with Marvel Unlimited […]

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DC Teases DC Universe, the Ultimate DC Membership… Might it Help Your Love Life?

DC Comics teased something they referred to as “the ultimate DC membership” on Twitter today. The ultimate DC membership is coming, thanks to @TheDCUniverse. Sign up here for updates on exclusive original series and more: #DCUniverse — DC (@DCComics) May 2, 2018 It looks to be something called DC Universe, and at first […]

Is Marvel Unlimited Good for Reading Old X-Men Comics on an iPad?

In conjunction with our X-Men: Bland Design column, we’ve been re-reading X-Men comics, starting with Giant Sized X-Men #1, on Marvel Unlimited. We’ve used Marvel Unlimited before, but this is by far our most extensive use of the app. We’ve read through X-Men #215, including any spinoff series, annuals, and adjacent series we’re aware of […]

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Here’s What’s New on Marvel Unlimited in December

Are you a fan of Marvel’s Unlimited subscription service, which gives readers access to to over 20,000 issues of Marvel’s classic and newer titles, delivered digitally through your desktop web browser and the Marvel Unlimited mobile app? With classic and newer issues added every week, that’s not surprising; it’s a pretty good deal! Are you such […]

DC Has Discussed A Marvel Unlimited-Style Digital Subscription Service

DC isn’t ready to pull the trigger on a Marvel Unlimited-style comics subscription service yet, but it’s something they’ve had discussions about. There’s lots of news from the DC Meet the Publishers panel at San Diego Comic-Con today. Most spectacularly, we learned about an Arkham Asylum sequel from Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, and Nazi-punching […]

Marvel Unlimited Continues One Cent Deal Till Monday

Marvel are continuing their first month deal for their all-you-can-eat digoal comics subscription package for one cent, untl Monday. It is a pretty good deal for any digital reader. And it looks to hook folk before ComiXology get round to announcing whatever their competitive package will be… Marvel has extended its current popular Marvel Unlimited […]

SDCC ’15: The Security-Heavy Marvel Unlimited Plus Member Event

By Joshua Stone So, this wasn’t what I was expecting. I am signed up for the Marvel Unlimited Plus membership, and besides having access to almost all of Marvel’s digital library and just having to wait six months to read the new books, Marvel sometimes has special events that they invite members to attend. Back […]

Hawkeye #22 Out Early, Digitally, For One Cent

The final issue of Matt Fraction and David Aja‘s acclaimed run on Hawkeye #22, long delayed though long finished, is this Wednesday. But for those who describe to the all-you-can-eat subscription service Marvel Unlimited, there may be a special surprise waiting for you, an early release. Normally Marvel Unlimited readers have to wait months for […]

Star Wars Comics Are Marvel Limited On Certain Tablets…

Recently, Marvel brought a whole lot of Star Wars comics that had previously only been made available digitally through the Dark Horse Digital portal, to ComiXology and the Marvel App as part of their new deal with LucasFilm. Except, there appears to be a problem. Lots of people are suddenly unable to read them. Gabrisco […]

Lego Batman 3 And Marvel Unlimited Plus Lure Fans With Toy Giveaways

By Brian Goldberg November 11, 2014 marked the release date of the Lego Batman 3 video game.  I’m more of a toy collector than a gamer, so I was actually more excited by the pre order incentives that came with claiming a copy of the next chapter in the Lego DC saga.  There were six […]