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Marvel-Ous Ladies of MCU Talk Team-Up Film Rumors

As we informed you earlier today, the official press day for Disney/Marvel’s upcoming MCU film Avengers: Infinity War happened in Los Angeles. That of course means there will be some tidbits hitting throughout the day — choice phrases and clips that’ll no doubt be making the rounds for the next few days. The long-hoped-for and rumored […]

Sonic the Hedgehog Runs Once More: IDW Publishing April 2018 Solicitations

Sonic the Hedgehog takes off once more from creative team Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, and Tyson Hesse from IDW Publishing this April. Plus, more from TMNT, GI Joe, X-Files, Star Trek Goosebumps, and more. Details below. Sonic the Hedgehog #1—Cover A: Tyson Hesse—GEM OF THE MONTH Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a) • Tyson Hesse (c) SONIC’S RACING […]

‘Marvel Heroes’ Shuts Down A Month Early, Making Fans Irate

Earlier this month we told you about how Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment laid off all of the company’s employees just before Thanksgiving (without PTO or severance pay, no less) and were shutting the game down on December 31st, 2017. This came as Disney severed its ties to the company, which was the catalyst for the game […]

Gazillion Entertainment Shuts Down Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment has shut down Marvel Heroes, the company’s free-to-play MMORPG featuring a ton of Marvel characters including the X-men. A representative from parent company Disney confirmed the game’s closure to Polygon in an email earlier today. “We regret to inform our Marvel Heroes fans that we have ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment, and […]

Marvel Heroes Omega Now Has A PS4 Beta

The console port of Gazillion Entertainment’s Marvel Heroes 2016 now has a beta for PS4 players. The prior beta test was just for Xbox One, but finally PS4 players can join the action. Why they started with Xbox One when PS4 is the more popular console is beyond me, but at this point, it doesn’t really […]

Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Begins Today – On PS4 Only

Gazillion Entertainment announced that the closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 begins today! For an FTP MMO, it’s not a terrible one. Granted the game has been live on PC for years and Omega is simply the name for the console port, so the beta is mostly just a bug check. To celebrate […]

Marvel Heroes Omega Confirmed For Spring 2017 But Hey, It Has The X-Men

Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel announced yesterday that Marvel Heroes Omega, an action-packed RPG/MMO, a spin-off of Marvel Heroes 2016, will bring together the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders and more. Basically every Marvel hero you could want is in this game, unsurprisingly. And the game’s story is a pretty basic MMO plot involving […]

When The Green Goblin Dressed Up As Captain America – C2E2

Kirk Staley, Bleeding Cool correspondent, reported in from yesterday’s Marvel Heroes panel of a rather intriguing reveal. On the panel showing of the PC/Mac game currently in Beta, that allows you to play as a Marvel hero or villain. Or, if this reveal has anything to say, both. Because they showed off a Green Goblin […]