Marshall Dillon

Beyonders #1 cover by Wesley St. Claire

Beyonders #1 Review: Predictable Conspiracy Themes and an Unlikable Protagonist

Jacob Tate is about to finish high school. He is heavily invested in conspiracy theories. He has a one-eyed Welsh corgi named Shadwell and lives with his normal aunt and uncle. He struggles in school because of his focus on conspiracy theories, and all his college applications have been denied. However, his hobby is about […]

Tech Billionaires… IN SPAAAACE in AfterShock’s The Last Space Race

AfterShock has announced a new comic book from the creative team of Peter Calloway, Alex Shibao, Natalia Marques, and Marshall Dillion, hitting stores this October. The comic is called The Last Space Race, and it envisions a world where one eccentric tech billionaire spearheads an effort to… okay, fine, it’s basically Elon Musk: The Comic. […]

Animosity: Evolution #5 cover by Eric Gapstur Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #5 Review: Cyber-Animals Unleashed

Augusta of the Grassland Sisters takes to interrogating Mya herself while Dr. North begins looking into Octavia’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Octavia and Penelope are brought to the crime lord behind both Mya and Fuzu Kazi. It never ceases to amaze me how much political and philosophical theory can be conveyed through a dystopian comic series about […]

Aftershock Comics March 2018

Betrothed Begins and Jimmy’s Bastards Enters its Finale: Aftershock March 2018 Solicits

Sean Lewis and Steve Uy bring you the new sci-fi series Betrothed, Garth Ennis and Russ Braun‘s Jimmy’s Bastards enters its final act, and the young series Monstro Mechanica by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis and Cold War by Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman continue their runs. This all comes to you courtesy of Aftershock’s March 2018 solicits. More details are available below. ANIMOSITY #13 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 03.21.18 writer: […]

From Strip To Script – Street Fighter: Legends

By Josh Hechinger Welcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise. Street Fighter’s one of those endeavors where my enthusiasm’s always exceeded my talent, but ah well. I’ve been a fan […]