Marvel Comics Still Dominated Marketshare-Per-Capita in April 2019 - if Not By 50%

Marvel Still Dominated Marketshare-Per-Capita in April 2019 – if Not By 50%

We’re totally doing this every month now. A Marketshare-Per-Capita chart. The usual comics industry marketshare shows how much share of the overall market a comics publisher has. This divides it by the number of titles they publish in that month. We’ve already looked at publisher marketshare in the North American direct market of comic book shops […]

Dark Days: The Casting Tops July 2017 Sales Chart, But Marvel Wins The Marketshare

We’ll get more details later, I’m sure, but Bleeding Cool has been reliably informed that Dark Days: The Casting #1 by Scott Snyder, James TynionIV, Andy Kubert, John Romita, Klaus Janson, Danny Miki, Jim Lee and Scott Williams published by DC Comics will be officially announced as the most-ordered comic book by North American direct market retailers in […]

Comics “Per Capita” Marketshare Tells A Different Story For May 2016

This is an attempt to run a slightly different filter over May’s comic book marketshare figures. It may work, it may not. Tell me what you think. We’ve run the May marketshare figures which shows Marvel way up ahead and Dark Horse way down. But a lot of this may have more to do with […]

Marvel Had Twice DC’s Marketshare In January, But Walking Dead Outsold Secret Wars

Marvel Comics was January’s top publisher with a 44.38% dollar share and a 48.17% unit share. DC Entertainment was the month’s number two publisher with a 22.16% dollar share and a 24.02% unit share. The month saw Marvel reversing marketshare gains that DC Comics has made in recent months. December saw DC bring the marketshare […]

Secret Wars Beats Loot Crate As Marvel Increase Marketshare For May 2015

Loot Crate reportedly put half a million sales onto Boom’s Bravest Warriors: The Adventures Of Holo John #1 last month and has seen Boom’s market share in the industry double on the back of that one comic book. Though it is still not clear how many copies actually made their way into the hands of […]

Star Wars Sees Marvel Sell Almost 1 In Every 2 Comics In January

Last month, DC Comics started to crawl marketshare back from Marvel without any special reason. No 3D covers, no relaunch, hey were just starting to sell more comics. Then Star Wars happened. And Marvel sold almost half of every comic book sold by Diamond Comic Distrubutors to North American comic book stores in January 2015. […]