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Edgar Wright Created, Will Direct Mystery JJ Abrams Project, Collider

Once upon a time, I read and wrote something about a mysterious JJ Abrams project called Collider. At that time, nothing was really known about it, except that Abrams was in someway involved, likely as a producer, and that it would be some kind of sci-fi feature film. Now, at least, we know who had […]

Legendary Set Out Their Plans For The Mass Effect Movie

It was officially announced at Comic-Con this year (and unofficially before hand) that Legendary Pictures had appointed Mark Protosevich to write a screenplay based upon the Mass Effect videogames. Lots of questions were asked at the panel, and they were indeed answered, but there were plenty more in waiting that the panellists didn’t have time […]

Mass Effect Film To Be Announced, Mark Protosevich To Script

Mark Protosevich‘s debut feature, The Cell, may have been messy and riddled with cliche, but it was oddball enough to highlight him as an unusual young talent, somebody with nesting promise. He then worked on the screenplays for Thor, I Am Legend and Poseidon, though his Thor screenplay was significantly different from what we ended […]

Will The Oldboy Remake Be Directed By Spike Lee?

Please baby please baby baby baby please let this be true. I know a lot of you may have celebrated the news that the remake of Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy was dead in the water, and I know this because I was there celebrating with you, in a silly hat and a Hawaiian shirt because that’s […]

Steven Spielberg And Mark Protosevich Brainstorming Ideas For Jurassic Park 4

Hannah Shaw-Williams writes for Bleeding Cool: Nothing is confirmed, no one has signed anything, nothing official has been said and nothing for sure is going to come of this. Caveat in place, let’s make way for Jurassic Park 4! Wahey, dinosaurs and that! The Hollywood Reporter has uncovered some meetings going on between Steven Spielberg […]