Kate Pryde Goes Full Juggernaut Meme in Marauders #2

Kate Pryde Goes Full Juggernaut Meme in Marauders #2 (Spoilers)

“I’m The Juggernaut Bitch!” is a popular phrase often associated with the character, The Juggernaut from the X-Men. The phrase stems from a parody video of the original X-Men Animated Series created in 2005 by Randy Hayes and Xavier Nazario of My Way Entertainment. The original animation depicted a fight between Lilandra and the X-Men […]

Marauders #2 [Preview]

Screwing with Sebastian Shaw in Marauders #2 [Preview]

Marauders #2 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, as the second-best Dawn of X launch title goes head-to-head against the best (that’s Excalibur). The Gerry Duggan of Comics, Gerry Duggan, is behind this one, along with Matteo Lolli, Federico Blee, and a letterer whose name will never be known because they’re simply not […]

The Effects of Marauders and Moira On Upcoming Dawn Of X

As you may have seen in the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, the sales on Marauders #1 were high. It’s gone to a very pretty looking second printing, and I’m told the same is true for other upcoming #DawnOfX titles Excalibur and New Mutants coming (and yes, it is neat that X-Men, Marauders, Excalibur and New […]

So Why Can't Kate Pryde Walk Through Krakoa Portals Anyway?

So Why Can’t Kate Pryde Walk Through Krakoan Portals Anyway?

In yesterday’s Marauders #1, we saw the newly appointed Captain Kate Pryde fail to walk through one of Krakoa’s portals, which are meant to be able to transport all mutants and their guests to and from the island of Krakoa and from there all across the world. And getting her a broken nose in the […]

Back to the Mister Sinister's Gossip Column In Marauders #1 (Spoilers)

Back to the Mister Sinister’s Gossip Column In Marauders #1 (Spoilers)

There may be some doubt expressed about the validity of the Bar Sinister gossip sheet that appeared in Powers Of X #4. But as Marauders gets the latest line-up of rumours and tittle-tattle direct from The Red Diamond, we get to have another go… remember zero lies… SINISTER SECRET #11 Whispers on the wind that […]

Kitty Pryde Is Not The Red Queen Of The Hellfire Club As Reported (Spoilers)

Kitty Pryde Is Not The Red Queen Of The Hellfire Club As Reported (Spoilers)

Last week saw the publication of Powers Of X #5, which laid out a redacted version of the members of the Quiet Council of Krakoa. Including the members from the Hellfire Club, three as requested by Emma Frost. Herself, the White Queen, Sebastian Shaw, the Red King and… one other.   Some sites such as […]

Kitty Pryde Will be the New Red Queen of The Hellfire club in Marauders

Kitty Pryde – the New Red Queen of The Hellfire Club?

The Marauders is one of the six titles spinning out of House Of X and Powers Of X, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli.   And today’s House Of X establishes a new Quiet Council of Krakoa. With Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw for the Hellfire Club. Well, Emma Frost demanded one more seat for her […]

Marvel previews

Hellfire Comes to The Marauders #2 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli,

We have two more pages of The Marauders #2, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, from Jonathan Hickman and Marvel’s Dawn Of X. With a Hellfire Club meeting of minds (and brandy glasses) and Lockheed joining in with Pyro for the flames…   And as previously seen in Marauders #1… MARAUDERS #1 DX (W) Gerry Duggan […]

X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina

X-Men Blue #24 Review: This One’s Actually Really Good

Sebastian Shaw attacks Magneto after he rejects the offer to join Mothervine. Meanwhile, the new Marauders attack Xorn after he too rejects their offer. Thankfully, Xorn receives help in the form of Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm. Unfortunately, Malice infiltrates the Madripoor mansion through the body of Polaris. Finally, Briar Raleigh seeks out new X-Men with […]

X-Men: Blue #14 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald

X-Men: Blue #14 Review: That Mojo Magic

Mojo’s magical mystery tour continues as news stations struggle to cut through his global broadcast. Inside his arenas, more and more X-Men are being picked off as one team fights the recreations of the Avengers and the other battles amalgams of their worst threats. Magneto, Polaris, and Danger finally enter the fray, but Mojo already […]