Man vs. Rock

Spotlight On Indie Comics – Man Vs. Rock With Co-Creator Kevin Bieber

By Shawn Perry 'Sup Bleeders! As has been said in previous editions of this column, Man Vs. Rock by Kevin Bieber and Victor De Troy is one of the funniest funny books this side of the farm. Supported with the top-notch artisanal efforts one Jared Lamp the duo of Bieber and De Troy relish in […]

Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition

By Shawn Perry Sup Bleeders! The past year has no doubt been one of the best for indie comics and not just for big-name publishers like Image Comics and Dynamite Entertainment but small publishers as well! As we look towards the New Year it is a fact worth celebrating that we live in a time […]