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Batgirl Annual #2 cover by Emanuela Lupacchino and Dave Stewart

Batgirl Annual #2 Review: Murderous Sibling Rivalry

A string of peculiar murders has been committed across Gotham, and Batgirl believes she has a lead on the perpetrator. The killings resemble a slasher movie Barbara and James Gordon Jr. watched as kids. Barbara interrogates her incarcerated brother about the killings, and he points Batgirl in the direction of a bevy of unhinged fans […]

women of marvel sdcc 2018

Women of Marvel: BFHFs (Best Friend Heroes Forever) at SDCC

Words and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Madeline Potts: If I were to describe the Women of Marvel panel in one word it would be: empowering. Before entering the Women of Marvel panel I had only heard of Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel. I was intrigued but hadn't found the time to read the comics, and […]

Green Arrow #42 cover by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto

Green Arrow #42 Review: What Happens After the Superhero Wins?

Green Arrow is hunting down the Parasite through the sewer tunnels under Stryker's Island. The Superman rogue has absorbed immense power, and Ollie Queen is the only one who can keep Parasite from escaping to Metropolis. Before long, Parasite finds Green Arrow, and the Emerald Archer receives an understanding of what's really going on in […]

Batgirl Ditches Burnside Costume for Updated Classic Look by Sean Gordon Murphy

Big news for superhero fashion aficionados! Batgirl is leaving Burnside with August's Batgirl #26, and she's leaving behind the costume that's become iconic since its introduction on the cover of 2014's Batgirl #35. Batgirl's new costume was designed by Sean Gordon Murphy and can be seen on the cover of Batgirl #27 below: In an […]

Green Arrow #41 cover by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto

Green Arrow #41 Review: A Great Prison Riot Story

Green Arrow has been tasked with accompanying the superpowered rogue known as Parasite into a prison facility after his court hearing. He has been powered down, but a stupid decision from an incarcerated Mammoth results in Parasite having access to immense strength once more. Green Arrow is quickly knocked out by Parasite, and, when Ollie […]

Appealing To The Built In Fan Base: Bringing Primetime to Comic Shops At SDCC

Mike Rohrssen writes, It's not uncommon to see comic books based on TV shows nowadays, but they are usually based off of some sort of superheroes. However, there are a group of creators that are here to bring some non-traditional older television shows into comic book form. Lesley Vamos, is working on Punky Brewster, along […]

A Fascinating Place: Three Reasons Why You Should Read Lantern City Vol. 1 HC

This week brings the release of a wonderful story collected in a stunning hardcover edition. I'm talking about Lantern City Vol. 1 HC from Archaia. It collects the first four issues of the series, and if you're looking for some reasons to pick up a copy, here's three… One: This book is written by some incredibly talented writers. […]

A New Story Arc Begins: Preview Lantern City #5, Out Today

Up until now we've experienced quite an intense ride with Archaia's Lantern City series. Written by, Matthew Daley and Mairghread Scott, with art by Carlos Magno, it's time for a new story arc to begin with Lantern City #5. After unwittingly saving Emperor Killian Grey's life, Sander is pulled deeper into the Guard and struggles with Kendal's mission to […]

Advance Review: Magic, Medieval Scotland, And Three Fates Revisit Macbeth

Previously titled Three Witches, but changed now to Toil and Trouble, both titles should give you a clue to what the subject matter is for this new 6 part series from Archaia arriving September 2nd. It's composed of an impressive team up between the critically praised Mairghread Scott and the sister artist team of Kelly […]

Archaia's Toil And Trouble Brings You Shakespeare With A Twist Next Month

Most of you know that I'm always on the look out for new series releasing from Archaia. Besides the fact that all of their stories are extremely high quality, the artwork seems to always blow my mind. Well, the next big thing is here. I'm talking about Archaia's upcoming limited series by Mairghread Scott and […]

Mairghread Scott's Writer Commentary For Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special

Swords of Sorrow: Chaos – Writer Commentary by Mairghread Scott Swords of Sorrow: Chaos Special is part of Dynamite's all-female written summer event starring their top female characters. This issue is written by Mairghread Scott and drawn by Mirka Andolfo. Mairghread did this writer's commentary on the issue. Page 3 When you have a character like Purgatori, […]

Mirka Andolfo's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special

Continuing our look at the process art for Dynamite's Sword Of Sorrow event, here we have the art of Mirka Andolfo and the colors of Chiara Zeppegno and Agenese Pozza on the Chaos Special written by Mairghread Scott. The Women of Chaos come down on the bad side of the event and here we see […]

Mairghread Scott Talks Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special

With Dynamite's recent announcement of the Swords of Sorrow event lead by an all-female writing team, a lot of people took notice. Byron Brewer chatted with Mairghread Scott to talk about her part of the event, Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special. Cover art by Joyce Chin. BYRON BREWER: Mairghread, how does it feel to be part of […]

Gail Simone Leads All-Female Written Swords Of Sorrow Event

Dynamite is putting together a new crossover event that will kick off this May. But this event is unique in that all of the writers involved are women and it focuses on the publishers roster of female characters regardless of genre. The event start with a core series called Swords of Sorrow by Gail Simone […]

Boom! Studios Delves Into Bravest Warriors: Paralyzed Horse Giant

Boom! Studios has pulled together an amazing group of creators: James Tynion IV (The Woods, Batman: Eternal), Mairghread Scott (Transformers: Windblade), Tessa Stone (Regular Show: Hydration), Erica Henderson (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), Pranas Naujokaitis (Adventure Time), Kat Leyh (Bravest Warriors), and Meredith McClaren (Adventure Time: Pixel Princesses). So what are they working on? A new 48-page book this November, Bravest Warriors: Paralyzed Horse Giant. Ever wonder what it's like to […]

Post-Dark Cybertron Speculation

By Spencer Ellsworth Dark Cybertron has been disappointing thus far, following the trend of many an overblown crossover. Drawn mostly by fill-ins and relying on rehashed plot lines, the event shows at least one bit of promise: the forthcoming series teases, for the event named "Dawn of the Autobots." The teaser photos and promos created […]