A Banner Week For Comics – The New DC Logo Hits The Covers

This is the first week that DC’s new logo will appear on the front cover of their books. And it does so with a banner over all of them, celebrating the WeCanBeHeroes.org charitable foundation. A bit like this, courtesy of a friendly comic retailer and their camphone. Maybe it’s just for the charity branding tones, […]

Swipe File: Zuda And Oni Press

One is the abandoned logo of an abandoned digotal comics line from DC. The other is the brand spanking new logo from Oni Press.   Note the sharp libe of the speech balloon, the face focus, the website… if only Zuda had included a pun in the logo as well…? Too much of a reach? […]

Collectors Cornered – Measuring The DC Logo “Apeel”

Collectors Cornered is a weekly video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a different point of view and get instant feedback from real customers on New Comics Day, as we literally corner them and and ask questions about comic books and related topics. […]

Calm Down Dear, It’s Just A Mock Up

When DC Comics showed you how they would be using their new logo on the front of comic books, they put out a few examples. Including a Batman 708 dated May 2012. Cue minor internet explosion with people asking whether DC would be going back to the original pre-relaunch numbers? So soon after their big […]

DC Comics Demonstrates How The New Logo Will Be Used

DC Comics has shown how their new logo will be used on current books and current branding. Looks like the edge of the D will be pushed hard against the spine of a comic, so the “peel” comes right off the edge of the comic. The press release reads “DC Entertainment, a Warner Bros. Entertainment […]

DC Comics Launches New Logo, Official, In Colour, Including Watchmen Variant

Welcome to the new DC Comics logo…. that you saw first at Bleeding Cool, obviously. Revealed at Fast Company who ran an interview with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee earlier, this is the real deal. And they come in a variety of colours, and designs, including a Watchmen yellow-with-blood-splatter variety, that, presumably, will be on […]

DC Logo To Officially Launch This Week?

After applying to register a new logo as a trademark, DC Comics have three years to actually get round to actually using it. But I’m told they aren’t going to wait that long. A relatively reliable source close to DC Comics told Bleeding Cool that the new logo was announced to DC Comics staff in […]

That New DC Comics Logo In Higher Resolution

I’ve been following the story of DC Comics getting a new logo for a month or so but, as with Watchmen 2, it’s only when you provide actual visuals that anyone sits up and takes notice. Such as Fark did today. One of the problems with reporting the trademark registration of the new DC Comics […]

The Font Used In The New DC Comics Logo…

…is called Gotham. Ho ho ho. I was asked why DC Entertainment were registering the trademark for such a logo well before announcement. Well, I’d never try to read the mind of such an organisation, that way lies madness, but I was reminded of an incident that took place back in 2008, and that I […]

And Finally… Everything That New DC Logo Has Been Registered For

Earlier today, after following the story for a month, Bleeding Cool gave you the first peek at a new logo registered by DC Comics and DC Entertainment with the US Government’s trademark people. (Thanks for securing the search link, Heidi). So I asked an intellectual property attourney about it.  It is set up as an […]

DC Comics Gets A New Logo. And Here It Is.

At the end of last year, Bleeding Cool told you that DC Comics and DC Entertainment would be getting a new logo. The relatively recent DC Spin/DC Swoosh designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studio from 2005, which itself replaced the DC Bullet designed by Milton Glazer from 1976. Well, this symbol has now been […]

Are We Ready For A New DC Logo?

Six years ago, DC Comics changed their logo from the decades old DC bullet designed by Milton Glazer to the “DC Swoosh” designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studio. As always, with these things, it was instantly mocked, compared to washing powder logos, that sort of thing. But now it’s kind of sunk in, appearing […]

Legion Of Super Heroes Misprint Hits $30 On eBay

Earlier this week we pointed out that the DC Comics Presents: Legion Of Superheroes: Legion Of The Damned 100 Page Spectacular #1 (breathe in) reprinting previously unreprinted Legion comics had been recalled by DC Comics after chapters had been printed in the incorrect order. Or, rather, retailers were asked to destroy them, to be replaced […]