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iZombie Season 4: Whatever Happened to Liv's Mother and Brother?

As iZombie has moved on into its fourth season, some fans are wonder about whatever happened to Liv's mother Eva (Molly Hagan) and brother Evan (Nick Purcha). They haven't been seen since the first episode of season 2. You would think that since all of Seattle know about zombies now, Liv (Rose McIver) might be […]

iZombie Season 4: A Look Back at Season 2 (The Weekly Static: Extras!)

Next on The Weekly Static: Extras!, Margo Staten follows up her thoughts on CW's iZombie Season 4 trailer and Season 1 with her takeaways from the show's second season: all leading up to Monday night's Season 4 premiere. "A massive zombie outbreak means never having to say you're sorry" – Olivia "Liv" Moore Originally […]

The Weekly Static: Extras! An iZombie Fan's Season 4 Thoughts

We're turning over this edition of The Weekly Static: Extras! to our good friend Margo Staten, who found herself binge-crushing the first three seasons of The CW's iZombie. Not known for her geek viewing habits, we asked Staten to put fingers-to-keys and make the case for why iZombie is on her "required watching" list: I […]


iZombie Season 3 Episode 1 Comic-Con Synopsis

Yesterday we ran some synopses for WBTV shows that would be making panel appearances at this month's Comic-Con International, and we have a few more to show. Can't forget everyone's favorite Zombie crime fighter. The iZombie panel will be 11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. in Ballroom 20. The synopsis reads: Everyone's favorite Zom-Com-Rom-Dram is back! After the […]

Getting Used To The New Normal On iZombie

If you want to be a successful comic book inspired television series on the CW, there are a few rules you need to follow. First, don't bother with secret identities for long, it only makes for silly plot lines. Second, build a team around the hero that helps them along the way. Third, allow said […]

Improving Zombie Vision In Season 3 Of iZombie

The folks over at EW got a few spoilers for the upcoming season of different shows and one of the ones that caught my eye has to do with the CW series iZombie. The series, based on the DC / Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, is going into its third season of […]

Rose McIver Talks iZombie Season 3

The second season of iZombie turned everything upside down and changed the dynamics between almost all of the characters. DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith caught up with series star Rose McIver to talk about what is in store for Liv Moore and her friends in Seattle. How things will change now that Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) is […]

Catching Up With iZombie

There are a lot of comic based television shows now. Some air at the same times as others. Gotham opposite of Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD opposite of iZombie. And there is only so many hours in the day you can catch up on the ones you record. If iZombie is one of the shows you […]

Liv Goes Frat Boy In Latest iZombie

One of the fun things about iZombie is the personality changes that Liv Moore (Rose McIver) goes through when she eats someones brain. This week is no different as they investigate the murder of a frat boy and it look she's going to have a lot of fun. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on […]

iZombie Season Two Trailer Gets Released

The CW has released a new trailer for season 2 of iZombie. The series stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore, a med student turned zombie that helps the police on cases. From the trailer we can see that Steven Weber (Wings) will be back from some appearances in the new season. iZombie returns October 6th […]

Blaine's World… Party Time… Excellent… On iZombie

The season finale of iZombie is called Blaine's World and it looks like everything has been building to a showdown between Blaine and Major. While Liv is even more desperate to get her real life back. Here we have a trailer for the episode and a behind-the-scenes with executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Thomas […]

Arrow / iZombie crossover?

Do we have our first Arrow / iZombie crossover? Will next seasons big bad lead an army of the undead against the citizens of Starling City? Probably not. But when you look at the trailer for the penultimate episode of iZombie, Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat… and we see Arrow's Bex Taylor-Klaus […]

The Shorts To Socks Ratio – Clip And Trailer For iZombie: Astroburger

The Flash may be done, but iZombie is still going on Tuesdays and the next episode is called Astroburger. Major makes his move on Liv, Blaine comes to visit and the relationship between Peyton and Ravi continues as the important question is asked: why do women wear shorts and then multiple pairs of socks because […]

Making Zombie Rats Dance – Clip From iZombie

The CW has released a clip for tonight's episode of iZombie – Mr. Berserk. Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) has successfully turned a rat into a zombie but is not having the same level of success with curing him and his sarcasm comes to the front as Liv Moore (Rose McIver) comes to check in. […]

iZombie Takes On Alcoholism In Mr. Berserk Episode

In the upcoming episode of iZombie, Rose McIver gets to knock a few back as Liv Moore eats the brains of a journalist with a major drinking problem. Besides the uniqueness of being able to give your main character new strange characteristics each week, the personality pick-up from brain eating device allows the series to […]

Tonight's iZombie – Lying Boyfriends, Army Snipers And A Veronica Mars Guest

We have an inside look at tonight's new episode of iZombie with the shows executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. In Patriot Brains, Liv Moore eats the brains of an ex-army sniper who suffered from PTSD. She also discovers that her boyfriend Lowell is getting his brains from Blaine. And for fans of Veronica […]

A Brain Extract That Builds Muscles… Maybe That Is What Zombies Want

Having just seen how many shows got the axe from networks, it's amazing that viewers give new shows a chance at all. Well, iZombie fans can rest easy knowing that another season of Liv Moore has been guaranteed. We've got a clip and a trailer for the upcoming episode called Patriot Brains… I'm wondering how […]

iZombie Gets A Second Season

The CW has renewed another series, this time its the freshman comic-based show iZombie. Based on the Vertigo series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred, it tells the tale of Olivia "Liv" Moore (Rose McIver) as she deals with the discovery that she is a zombie. She moves from a high profile internship to working […]

Over Analyze This – Liv Eats The Brains Of A Relationship Expert

On the upcoming iZombie, Liv Moore eats the brains of a relationship expert and can't stop herself from giving advice. Below we have a preview for the episode as well as a behind the scenes with executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright about how the urge to analyze may lead to Liv screwing up […]