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Len Wein

Len Wein To Receive WGA Award With Tributes From Hugh Jackman And Neil Gaiman

It's been a little over two months now since the comic world lost iconic writer Len Wein. The co-creator of both Marvel's Wolverine and DC's Swamp Thing, Wein has worked on all the biggest properties including Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Thor, Daredevil, and the Justice League, as well as being the editor on the industry-changing Watchmen […]

'DC Metal (Men, 2016)' Review: A Truly Metal Comic

Let's talk about Metal, REAL Metal. Let's talk Iron, Lead, Mercury, and…Gold I guess. Let's talk about the Metal Men suckers, YEEAAAAHH *rocking guitar riff*. In honor of Dark Days: Metal, it seemed as appropriate a time as any to talk about DC's original metal, the freaking Metal Men. The Metal Men have a special […]

Swamp Thing

What Is Greg Capullo On To Next After Metal? Could Be Swamp Thing

Greg Capullo is currently drawing the bombastic, wild DC event Dark Nights: Metal, after a long run on Batman with Scott Snyder (who is also the writer of Metal) and a brief break away working with Mark Millar on Reborn. But just what will he work on next? Well, back at San Diego Comic-Con, Capullo […]

Len Wein's Scenes In 2014's X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Len Wein passed away yesterday. Much has been made of his contribution to comics and the modern-day superhero form as the co-creator of Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and more for Marvel, as well as Swamp Thing for DC Comics and editor of Watchmen, as well as a life that began in the fanzine culture of […]

Len Wein Talks About How Swamp Thing Has Changed Over 40 Years

Writer Len Wein has returned to Swamp Thing recently, a character he co-created with Bernie Wrightson over 40 years ago. With a couple issue done, the writer sat down with Tiffany Smith of DC All-Access to talk about how the character is and isn't different from when he started and why he's bringing in so […]

Will We Need A Len Wein Credit On Gotham?

Bill Finger is getting a credit on the new season of Gotham. But what about Wolverine and Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein? Dan Greenfield took a trip to the set of the show, and on the soundstage snapped this photo. As Dan notes, Len is responsible for the "whole Bruce/Selina/will they/won't they thing" and "the first to […]

Len Wein To Write New Metal Men Series #DCJanuary

In January, announced in USA Today, DC Comics are launching a number of new series, not what we previously referred to as "Big October". And as well as Swamp Thing, Len Wein is writing a new Metal Men series. They've turned up in Justice League (above) and related series. We look forward to discovering if […]

A Comic Show – Convergence, Why You Gotta Be Like That?

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with more New Comics Now! My favorite book of the week is Image's Kaptara #1 by Chip (Sex Criminals) Zdarsky, subtitled "Space, Why You Gotta Be Like That?" It's about a guy that doesn't really know his place in the world […]

10 Years In The Making, Swampmen: Muck-Monsters And Their Makers

After 10 years, TwoMorrow's long-awaited Swampmen book finally sees print. Originally planned for 2005, Swampmen: Muck-Monsters And Their Makers suffered from a series of logistical problems delaying its release for a decade. The book tells about all of the strange creatures who crawled up out of the mud during the 1970s including Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, […]

Continuum's Jeff King To Write DC's Convergence Weekly Comic, USA Today To Announce?

<3 this "@JimLee: Happy Halloween everybody!!! Truth be told, we dress like this every day :D pic.twitter.com/LSIkKxDmcf" — Jeff King (@JeffKingTV) October 31, 2014 Bleeding Cool has been writing about the Band Aid/Blood Moon/Convergence event for quite some time now. Feel free to catch up. We now understand that Convergence will be twice as large […]

NYCC: Marvel 75th Anniversary: X-Men – The Shifting Face Of Mutantkind

Arno Bogaerts writes for Bleeding Cool Friday was Marvel Day at New York Comic Con. The publisher kicked off a series of panels in Room 1A18 celebrating its 75th anniversary. Things got started with the X-Men. X-editor Mike Marts gathered some legendary creators of the mutant books, including Rick Leonardi (New Mutants), Walter and Louise […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Marvel And DC Comics In October, From Action Comics To All-New Miracleman

Another look at upcoming comics, that might differ from how they were originally solicited… Justice League #34 will be drawn by Scott Kolins, not Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne. It also has the cover above by Jason Fabok, originally intended for his first issue #26. Superman/Batman #16 will be drawn by Marc Deering and Diogenes Neves and not Jae Lee. Though […]

Long Beach Comic Con To Announce Dwayne McDuffie Award

Long Beach Comic Con has announced (through 13th Dimension) that they are going to be announcing a Dwayne McDuffie Award. McDuffie was a comic and television writer who created the animated TV series Static Shock as well as co-founding Milestone Comics, the first minority owned and operated comic publisher. He passed away one day after […]

A Bigger Batgirl And A Bigger Len Wein

The fifth Batgirl New 52 Hardcover, Deadline, is getting a little fatter. The solicitation read, BATGIRL VOL. 5: DEADLINE HC Written by GAIL SIMONE and MARGUERITE BENNETT Art by ROBERT GILL, FERNANDO PASARIN and JONATHAN GLAPION Cover by ALEX GARNER On sale DECEMBER 17 • 232 pg, FC, $24.99 US It's a hazardous reunion between […]

Batman '66: The Lost Episode By Harlan Ellison Comes To Comics

Spinning out of the DC Digital panel is news of Batman '66: The Lost Episode, based on a story that Harlan Ellison wrote for the original show that was never produced. Script by Len Wein, artwork by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Joe Prado, and cover by Alex Ross. Coming November 2014.

They Just Wouldn't Get Away With This Today – #FireGreenLantern

By Jared Cornelius You may have been distracted last week by the 4th of July holiday, World Cup Soccer, or your pesky family but while you were ignoring the internet a minor firestorm broke out around Rick Remender and his current incarnation of Captain America.  In his current run on the series, perennial Cap villain, Arnim Zola, trapped Steve in Dimension Z […]