League of Legends

Riot Games Attempts to Block Employees from Taking Legal Action

Despite promises to change their corporate culture, it seems that Riot Games is backtracking on any progress made. Riot Games was accused by several current and former employees of sexist hiring practices and gender discrimination last year which resulted in a lawsuit filed in November. Yesterday, Riot Games filed a motion to force two of […]

Echo Fox Owner Rick Fox Resigns Over a Shareholder’s Racist Language

Esports was rocked with a new issue about race this week as the owner of Echo Fox, Rick Fox, resigned from the company after a shareholder exhibited racist epithets toward him and his family. The primary report comes from Dexerto with a follow-up from Newsweek, as Fox sent the message below to everyone involved with […]

Riot Games Partners with the Special Olympics for a Stream-a-thon

Leauge of Legends developer Riot Games has partnered with the Special Olympics to host a special live Stream-a-thon on Twitch. The stream is live now and is part of Special Olympics’ “The Revolution is Inclusion” campaign.The goal of the campaign is to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, and the stream urges viewers to […]

Nike is Sponsoring the Chinese League of Legends Pro League

Nike has jumped into being an esports sponsor as they’ve officially joined the League of Legends Pro League… in China, that is. Reuters has reported that the company signed a deal with the league that will make them the official shoe for all of the teams, coaches, staff, etc, and will carry all the way through 2022. […]

League of Legends Gains Secretlab as a Global Partner

League of Legends make partnership deals all the time with different companies in different regions, but they just scored a new global esports one with Secretlab. The deal will basically have Secretlab gaming chairs on stage for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and the three premier global events with The Mid-Season Invitational, the […]

Riot Games and LVP Unveil League Of Legends’ UK League Championship

League of Legends players in the UK are about to get a brand new competition as LVP revealed the latest entity with Riot Games in the UK League Championship. Both companies are looking to develop more content in the area, both for esports and for broadcasts, and will be doing that starting on February 13th […]

Rogue Esports Accumulated $10.8 Million in Latest Funding Round

Rogue Esports and parent company ReKTGlobal announced a $10.8 million Series A funding round thanks to a group of expert investors. The esports venture company’s financing was led by entrepenuer and musician Nick Gross who will now join the board of ReKTGlobal. Other investors participaing in the Series A funding round included EDM producer Steve Aoki, several band […]

Riot Games Updates Company Site to Emphasize “Fair and Equitable” Processes

League of Legends developer Riot Games has had some internal issues in the past, mostly revolving around accusations of sexist hiring practices and creating an environment where female employees are put at a disadvantage. After issuing a mass apology statement on their blog, the company planned to revamp their recruitment methods and train their current staff […]

What to Expect from the League of Legends and Lagardère Partnership

Riot Games announced a multi-year partnership with sports marketing agency Lagardère Sports today. Riot will be working with Lagardère on the League of Legends European Championship to commercialize the newly established LEC, which is the governing body for all League of Legends competitions in Europe. The end goal of the partnership, however, is to see the […]

Riot Games and Lagardère Sign Multi-Year Deal for League of Legends EU Championship

A new multi-year marketing deal has been reached between Lagardère and Riot Games for the League of Legends EU Championship. The deal is basically to help promote and grow the brand in Europe after the name change, not to mention collaboration in other areas throughout Europe as both sides are knowledgable in different areas that could help […]

League of Legends Gets a New Champion in Sylas

You have a new champion in League of Legends as Riot Games have added Sylas to the group and make him a force to be reckoned with. In what will surely be a blocked champion every match, Sylas’ ultimate ability is called Hijack, which allows him to copy the ultimate of any other champion nearby […]

Last Year: The Nightmare is on Top of the Twitch Charts

Elastic Games’ asymmetrical horror game Last Year: The Nightmare has hit the top rankings on Twitch in terms of overall viewership. The game peaked at #3 on Twitch yesterday, having firmly edged out both Dota 2 and PUBG with 75,000 viewers. The horror game has consistently held to the top 20 since, well ahead of Minecraft, Battlefield V, […]

Limbitless Partners with Riot Games and 343 Industries for Themed Prosthetics

Both Riot Games and 343 Industries have announced partnerships with Limbitless Solutions to provide affordable prosthetic arms for children based on their blockbuster franchises. Riot announced the partnership during the two-day passion project event for League of Legends fans, called Thunderdome. While most projects range from LOL mini-games to tabletop games to improved key systems, it also includes […]

Riot Games Rebrands League of Legends LSC to European Championship

Riot Games have announced that they have rebranded The European League of Legends Champion Series (EU LCS) with a whole new name. The new entity will be known as the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The rebranding shakes up the entire league as there will be ten teams competing against each other starting in mid-January. […]

Dark Horse Team Cloud 9 has Flipped the Script on League of Legends Worlds

Yesterday, during the League of Legends World Championship Group B matches, the most unlikely team made it to the top of their pool. Cloud 9 nearly took the Group B win, instead coming in second in the group – despite being dead last in all pre-game predictions. North American and European teams have never done […]

League of Legends Dev Riot Games Partners with Mastercard

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced a partnership with Mastercard to become the first, exclusive global payment services partner for League of Legends esports events. The partnership is part of a multi-year deal between Riot and Mastercard and will include LOL‘s three annual major esports tournaments: the world championship, all-star event, and mid-season invitational. The […]

Riot Games Launches New Event With League of Legends: Odyssey

Starting tomorrow, September 11th, Riot Games will officially launch a new event in League Of Legends called “Odyssey”. The event will run until September 25th and offer players a number of opportunities to snag exclusive skins and more. Here are the details courtesy of the devs, and best of luck to all of you in […]

Riot Games Releases Mass Apology Statement after Sexism Allegations

Riot Games released a statement today on their official blog addressing the recent allegations of sexism exposed by Kotaku at the beginning of this month. In short, Riot Games was accused of sexist hiring practices and being “a place where women are treated unfairly, where the company’s culture puts female employees at a disadvantage.” The […]

Riot Games’ Design Director Addresses Sexual Harassment at the Company

As Riot Games continues to be mired in sexual harassment allegations, one of the company’s higher-ups took to their own blog to address the matter on a personal level. Design director Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street went to his blog and posted his own thoughts and concerns over what’s been happening in the company, as well as the […]

A Recent League of Legends Esports Trade Stirs Up Player Concerns

A phrase that we often tell people about esports as an industry is simply this: If you want it to become as big as a pro-sport, you have to treat it and act like it’s a pro-sport. Time and time again, from the act of players and coaches gambling on games, to the way people […]