kraven the hunter

Nick Spencer Rewrites Continuity to Give Kraven His Own Clone Saga in Amazing Spider-Man #16

Kraven the Hunter has been capturing animal-themed characters in the background of Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man run (with artists Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Chris Bachalo), and it’s all been leading up to Hunted, the story so big it can’t fit into the regular Amazing Spider-Man issues and requires multiple “.HU” issues of Amazing Spider-Man […]

Hasbro Reveals New Amazing Line-Up of Marvel Legends at NYCC

Marvel Legends fans were given a treat this afternoon at NYCC with the reveals of many new figures coming to us in 2019. Of what was shown, there is some special stuff here. Forge has been a long-requested figure, we now know the next X-Men build a figure will be Caliban. We are getting a […]

Richard Wenk is Writing ‘Kraven The Hunter’ for Sony Pictures

Despite the indefinite hold on Sony Pictures’ Silver & Black, it looks like that Kraven The Hunter film is moving forward with a writer attached. Previously announced in 2017, a feature film focusing on Marvel Comics character Kraven The Hunter is in the works at Sony, with The Equalizer 2 scribe Richard Wenk penning the script, Collider reports. […]

Spider-Man is Back in Black in Spider-Man #800

The infamous Black Suit returns starting in Amazing Spider-Man #800. The once alien symbiote was one of the most dramatic costume changes of all time and spawned one of the greatest villains/anti-heroes of Marvel Comics: Venom. It stuck with the Webhead some time before attaching itself to Eddie Brock — about five years. Later, Black Cat would give […]

Venom #163 cover by Will Robson and Morry Hollowell

Venom #163 Review: Enough Good Action to Make a Solid Issue

Jean Grey and Killer Thrill have been taken over by the Poisons. They are joined by a third Poison whom appears to be Kraven the Hunter. Cyclops hopes to save Jean, but Venom tells him that the Poisons kill the Klyntar hosts. Knowing that the symbiotes are now a liability, the X-Men, Venom, and the […]

Marvel Knights Black Panther #6 art by Joe Jusko and Avalon Studios

5 Days of Black Panther, Day 2: Christopher Priest’s Black Panther #1-12

Let’s continue our celebration of the King of Wakanda with a look at what many consider to be the best run of Black Panther, Christopher Priest’s Marvel Knights series from 1998. This series centers around Everett K. Ross, a federal employee who is tasked with being the U.S government attaché for T’Challa when the king […]

Captain America #697 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #697 Review: Cap Body Slams a Leopard in it

Captain America is kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter for a superhero-themed recreation of Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game. To motivate the Captain to participate, Kraven has also kidnapped a hapless civilian for Steve to save. The setup is simple: make it to the end and survive. Falter and Captain America and the man die. […]

Top Marvel Comics of 2017 #5: Venom #156 by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley

So, VICE said they couldn’t find 10 comics to put on their list for 2017. I get that 2017 has been a bit of a crap PR year for comics, especially the Big Two, but that is extremely reductive and disingenuous. There are plenty of talented creators who have done some phenomenal work this year […]

Venom #158 art by Mark Bagley, John Dell, and John Rauch

Venom #158 Review: Not As Much Action As You’d Think

Kraven is slaughtering the underground dinosaur people whom Venom swore to protect. Eddie himself is stuck underneath the portion of street brought down by Shriek’s attack. With his symbiote going feral, Venom is running low on time and options. Can he escape and stop Kraven’s bloody rampage? Eddie finds himself reminiscing on old times thanks […]

Venom #157 cover by Mark Bagley, John Dell, and John Rauch

Venom #157 Review: The War Of Hunters Continues

Mayor Wilson Fisk has verified the existence of the dinosaur people beneath New York City, and he has charged Kraven the Hunter with putting them down. Kraven is now officially sanctioned to hunt in the catacombs, but Venom is still determined to stop him. Kraven has warned the city of Venom’s presence. Unfortunately, the symbiote’s […]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis’s List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]

Venom #156 Review: Venom Versus Kraven The Hunter; Fight!

Kraven the Hunter is back in town, and the underground dinosaur colony that’s heralded Venom as their savior is in his crosshairs. He badly wounded one dinosaur woman, and she goes to Eddie for help, which Kraven did not expect. Eddie goes to investigate, and this leads to an epic battle between Venom, the Lethal […]