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5 New Kolchak The Night Stalker Books Coming This February

Are you a fan of Kolchak the Night Stalker? If so, then Moonstone Books is going to be your best friend in February 2016. They are releasing 5 new Kolchak books that month. Kolchak/Dan Shamble: Zombie PI, Story: Kevin J. Anderson, Richard Dean Starr Art-Colors: Sergio Ibanez Covers: (A)Dennis Calero,(B) Woodrow Hinton lll Superstar author Kevin J […]

Kevin J Anderson Talks Star Wars Canon, The New Movies And The Novels

Mimi Cruz of Night Flight Comics was on hand to record (with permission) journalist Kathy Jones talking to novelist Kevin J Anderson (and Peter J Wacks) about the upcoming new Star Wars movies and the likelihood that they will completely ignore the continuity of all the Star Wars novels published. We were writing sequels to Return Of The […]