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Molly’s Game Review: Jessica Chastain Commands Your Attention

Molly’s Game feels like the film Aaron Sorkin has been building up to for his entire career. Blending real-life stories with stylized productions has been a staple of films he has written for years. The Social Network, Charlie Wilson’s War, Moneyball — even back to his television shows The West Wing and Sports Night. All of […]

Molly's Game Aaron Sorkin Still

Aaron Sorkin’s Directorial Debut ‘Molly’s Game’ Moves To Christmas Day

Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game, has been moved back a month. Instead of opening the day before Thanksgiving, it will now open in limited release on Christmas Day… then a wide release on January 5th. It’s likely the limited release is to make the film eligible for awards season. Molly’s Game is based on the […]

Criminal A Solid Spy Thriller Despite Absurd Ending — A Review

In Criminal, Kevin Costner stars as psychopathic killer Jericho Stewart. Injected with the memories of a recently deceased CIA agent played briefly by Ryan Reynolds, Jericho begins a path of destruction across London as Reynolds memories and emotions surface in his mind. The premise certainly has a science fiction tinge to it, but director Ariel […]

Criminal Director Ariel Vromen On Practical Effects, Surveillance And Kevin Costner

When Bleeding Cool caught up with Criminal director Ariel Vromen, several helicopters flew overhead, signaling the possibility of a police action. “In Los Angeles, there’s nothing but helicopters,” he said. “It’s the main camera checking things out.” It is a very different story from his film, in which the US Central Intelligence Agency makes use […]

Kevin Costner Gets Injected With Ryan Reynolds’ Life In Criminal Trailer

In the new trailer for Lionsgate‘s upcoming Criminal, Kevin Costner plays a death row inmate without empathy who is injected with the memories of a dead CIA agent, played by Ryan Reynolds, in the hopes Coster will reveal the location of an important asset. Instead, he gains feelings and looks for the late agent’s wife, […]

Man Of Steel — The Bleeding Cool Review

We sent Michael Moran to see the new Superman movie, and he returned, as you'd expect, with tales of Smallville, obscure lost Biblical texts, and Action Figure Smackdowns™

Batman’s iPod Dock, With Built-In Taser

Courtesy of the bizarrely-named Obama Pacman, here is a look at the iPod/iPhone dock, with built-in taser, inspired by Batman. As for how it works, here is what Armstar has to say about it: The user determines they need to activate the arc device, then pull out the safety pin. The user then presses their […]

Tarantino Lining Up Kevin Costner To Play Evil

There’s some wonderful names in the screenplay for Django Unchained, from Django himself to Calvin Candie, from Sidney James to Billy Crash. There’s even a horse called Tony. If Kevin Costner signs on to the film – Deadline say he’s in negotiations – then he’d be playing Ace Woody. Perhaps my least favourite name in […]

Kevin Costner’s Superman Role Revealed?

Last night, we were taking stabs at guessing who Kevin Costner might be playing in the new Superman movie. Well, perhaps the time for blind guessing is over. This is your final chance to take a shot in the dark. Pa Kent? Pa Jor-El? Perry White? Jeff the foreman of the Daily Planet printroom? Well, […]