kane hodder

Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees Documentary Poster

‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Documentary Teases Details with New Poster Art

Jason Goes to Hell, the ninth film in the Friday the 13th series starring everyone’s favorite slasher behemoth Jason Voorhees, is… well, it is not very good. As a fan of the series, I can admire what they tried to do with that film, while also saying that it is the worst in the series. […]

Victor Crowley still

Victor Crowley Roadshow Initial Dates Announced All Through October

Victor Crowley, the Hatchet sequel nobody knew was coming, is hitting the road for fans to experience. Director Adam Green will even be in attendance at some of the showings, as they roll this one out old-school style.   This is always a pretty neat idea and a unique opportunity for fans. And I am happy […]

Hatchet 2 Trailer Earns Its Red Band

The gore isn’t the entire point of Hatchet 2 (there’s also some light scares, a few boobs, plenty of jokes and even a bit of story and character) but it might as well be the whole advertising campaign. The gore is the one thing all Hatchet fans will want, I’m pretty sure. It’s what defines […]