David Mack's Kabuki Gets a Paperback Omnibus for 25th-Anniversary

David Mack's Kabuki Gets a Paperback Omnibus for 25th-Anniversary

Dark Horse is collecting David Mack's Kabuki in a paperback omnibus edition, retailing for just $29.99 in December. That's ten dollar's cheaper than the library edition hardcovers Dark Horse released back in 2015, and just in time for Kabuki's 25th-anniversary. In addition, Dark Horse says the book will contain "new art and text," though it's […]

Focus on David Mack at SDCC: Inkpot, Jessica Jones, Autism, and Me

The panel kicked off with a well-deserved awarding of Comic-Con International's Inkpot Award to David Mack for his contributions to comics, television, film, and humanity. Next the panel moderator Wendy Browne from Women Write About Comics. kicked off the panel by showing a music video that Mack did for Amanda Palmer's song 'Pulp Fiction' that was […]

Jessica Jones Artist David Mack Wins Inkpot Award at His SDCC 2018 Panel

David Mack, artist known for his Jessica Jones/Alias cover artwork and co-creating Echo with Joe Quesada, received an Inkpot Award at his San Diego Comic-Con panel today. Mack is also known for his cover artwork to American Gods and Fight Club, as well as his concept work for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also has written for Marvel's Daredevil and is the writer of Kabuki, a comic […]

Dark Horse To Collect David Mack's Kabuki, Beginning In 2015

Hannah Means-Shannon is currently liveblogging the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con. Including the announcement that Dark Horse will be collecting David Mack's Kabuki series in a series in a large art hardcover format… It's going to look very beautiful.  

A Few More New York Comic Con Exclusives To Showcase

A few more New York Comic Con exclusives to showcase… DC Comics has a number of New York Comic Con comics variant exclusives. The include Superman/Wonder Woman #1, Batman #24 and Forever Evil #1 for $10 each at the Graffitti booth, #755, as DC aren't exhibiting a traditional booth at NYCC this year. And yes, […]