Marvel: Contest of Champions Under Fire by Fans Again for Character Changes

It seems like at least twice a year, developer Kabam and the players of Marvel: Contest of Champions go head to head over major differences in the way they think the game ought to be run. This time around, the complaints include character balance reworks as well as some tension between the top paid players and […]

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Hands Out 7-Day Bans on Big-Name Scammers

In the last few weeks, something fishy has been going on with Marvel Contest of Champions. You might recall that they had some serious player backlash after a sweeping series of balance changes last spring, but this time Kabam is in trouble with their player base for a very different reason: player fraud. Several high-ranking […]

Megatron has Joined Transformers: Forged to Fight This Week

Everybody’s favorite Decepticon leader, Megatron, has finally joined the cast of Kabam’s Transformers: Forged to Fight. He is obviously a part of the Decepticon faction, and functions as a tactician class character. His official description reads “Once a renowned gladiator in pre-Civil-War Cybertron, Megatron used his charisma and brutality to fuel the Decepticon uprising. Megatron’s ultimate […]

Decepticon Shockwave Joins Transformers: Forged To Fight

Shockwave just might be one of the most feared and powerful of all the Decepticons and now he’s made his way to Kabam’s fighting mobile game, Transformers: Forged to Fight. His whole existence is driven solely by one thing: cold, hard logic. Void of emotion, but teeming with strength and intelligence, he seeks only to advance […]

Megatron Is Joining ‘Transformers: Forged To Fight’ Tomorrow

The most infamous Decepticon is making his way to Kabam’s Transformers: Forged To Fight tomorrow. Yes, Megatron is coming. And his signature ability is gloriously well named. I don’t know about you, but Megatron was always a personal favorite of mine, because his personal brand of evil is just too amusing. And getting Megatron on board was […]

Break Out The Fly Swatter, The Waspinator Comes To Transformers Forged To Fight

The latest character to come to Kabam’s Trasformers: Forged To Fight RPG is The Waspinator. And he is exactly what you think he is. We have a transformer that can become a wasp. Yeah, I don’t know. His description reads “despite his loyalty to the Predacon cause, the stalwart Waspinator never gets the respect he deserves […]

Kabam Talks About The Marvel Contest of Champions Kerfuffle

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Marvel Contest of Champions, since our last check-in with the game, the update to patch 12.0 has come and gone and players are slowly returning to life post-patch. Most of the players I spoke with, Rich Davis who goes by The Living Tribunal of alliance GOTGN,  and Paritosh Mishra of […]

Kabam Rolls Out A New Transformers Game At PAX East!

The latest game from Kabam is Transformers: Forged to Fight which was announced just today at PAX East and it looks like we’re getting a Transformers themed fighting game for mobile platforms. Kabam’s official release for the game reads, “is a new 3D action-fighter and character collection game that gives players access to nearly every era of […]

#BoycottMCOC Gets Traction: Checking Back In With Marvel Contest Of Champions

Back on Friday I’d posted an article detailing the community reactions to the latest update, 12.0, in Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions. Many players, including several prominent youtubers in the community, were unhappy with the changes. They’d been unhappy with the planned changes for weeks and once the update went live, continued to be rather vocally unhappy about […]

Marvel Contest Of Champions – Under New Management

A little late to the party on this news, but it’s pretty big if you are a player of the mobile Marvel Contest of Champions game. Kabam, the company that produced the game, has sold their Vancouver based studio to Netmarble Games, a mobile game publisher from South Korea. The terms of the deal, which is […]