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Battle Angel Movie Is Still Coming Says Producer Jon Landau

Just this a few hours ago I said that James Cameron’s plans for Avatar prequels as well as sequels might be bad news for anybody waiting on his Battle Angel movie. Well, for now at least, Cameron’s producing partner Jon Landau doesn’t seem to agree. Here’s a quote from MovieZine (via Collider): I am sure […]

Avatar Sequels To Film In France? New Zealand? The Bottom Of The Ocean?

According to an interview with James Cameron by New Zealand’s ONE News, he’s decided to buy a farm on the Island and is going to move on down there to shoot Avatar 2 and 3. I’ve bought some property not far from Wellington, it’s a beautiful farm… I don’t think the nation should look to […]

Jon Landau Talks Titanic 3D, And After A Preview Of The Footage, So Do I

This week I found myself at a screening of some footage from the forthcoming re-release of Titanic in 3D, along with a Q&A with producer Jon Landau. Titanic is just one of ‘those’ films – nearly everyone has seen it and nearly everyone has cried at it at least once, even if they won’t admit […]

Jon Landau Says Avatar 2 Is Four Years Away

This morning, Hannah attended a preview screening of several scenes from the new, 3D version of Titanic and afterwards, got to exchange words with producer Jon Landau. I hope she’s going to be able to remember enough of what was said to bring you a full piece later – dictaphones and other recording devices were […]

New Trailers (New Footage!) And Specs For Avatar EC Edition

Do you know what would be easy and take a little bit of pressure off of my heavy blogging load? Just posting the new Avatar trailers and the related press release. So that – more or less – is what I’m going to do, but I can’t help a quick note: there’s new footage in […]