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Disney+ Star Wars Series ‘The Mandalorian’ Will Star Pedro Pascal

It would appear that those rumors about Pedro Pascal joining Jon Favreau‘s live-action Star Wars series for Disney+ are true, as the actor will be leading The Mandalorian. This is super exciting, and thanks to Variety for first reporting this news. You’d probably recall seeing Pascal as Dornish Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, or Netflix’s Narcos. He’ll also be […]

Jon Favreau Shares Photo of His ‘Lion King’ Production

While yes, Jon Favreau is hard at work right now making a live-action Star Wars series for Disney’s new streaming service, he’s ALSO working on his adaptation of The Lion King for the House of Mouse. Following the success of Favreau’s live-action Jungle Book, next up on the remake docket just happens to be Disney’s take on Hamlet […]

‘The Mandalorian’: Jon Favreau Teases Familiar Star Wars Prop

Prepare yourself, deep-cut Star Wars fans, this new post from The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau is gonna excite you. Does the name Willrow Hood mean anything to you?   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jon Favreau (@jonfavreau) on Oct 12, 2018 at 4:17pm PDT Perhaps you’ll recall THIS scene from Star Wars: The […]

Star Wars The Mandolorian Image

Lucasfilm Reveals First Image From The Mandalorian, Names Episode Directors

Lucasfilm has just revealed the first image from the first live-action Star Wars television show The Mandalorian. The show has begun production, and will debut on the new Disney streaming service around when it launches next year, though nothing is confirmed. They have also revealed some of the names that will be directing episodes, including […]

Jon Favreau Reveals his Star Wars Series- The Mandalorian

Today on Instagram, filmmaker and actor Jon Favreau revealed a tease of what his Star Wars series is going to be about for the new Disney streaming service, and we can hear hordes of helmeted fans gearing up for it. His message reads: “After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in […]

Jon Favreau Confirms the Time Period of His Star Wars Show

Back in March, we found out that Jon Favreau would be showrunner of an upcoming live-action Star Wars television show for Disney’s streaming service. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the production, and considering this is the first time a live-action show has been done no one was expecting much. Favreau was on the […]

Jon Favreau Says [SPOILER] Is In Avengers: 4

Two universes, both alike in Disney- wait no, let’s not go that route. Instead let’s say that during the world premiere red carpet for Solo: A Star Wars Story, someone who knows a bit about both galaxies Mr. Jon Favreau commented about a character’s return. While speaking to the staff from the Star Wars Show on the […]

‘Iron Man’ 10 Years Later- Bleeding Cool Looks Back at First MCU Film

The first film in the yet-to-be-established Marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man released on May 2nd 2008, 10 years ago today in fact.  While maybe it’s not the most impressive anniversary in the world, it *is* one to discuss, especially considering what flick just broke the biggest opening weekend box office record. Bleeding Cool decided to pool our […]

A Bunch of New Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Posters Just Dropped

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out in less than a month! This morning we got a look at nine new character posters for the film. Han Solo himself, Lando, Qi’Ra, Chewbacca, L3-37, Val, Beckett, Dryden, and Rio all get the spotlight. This feels like the first great look Thandie Newton‘s Val that I […]

New ‘Solo’ TV Spot Introduces Jon Favreau’s Character

There was a new tv spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story today, and although there isn’t anything super crazy awesome, we do get some more footage of the mysterious alien filmmaker Jon Favreau is playing. This most recent tv spot introduces Rio Durant- who may or may not be named after a fairly well known 80’s […]

Jon Favreau to Write and Produce Live Action Star Wars TV Series

Jon Favreau is set to write and executive produce a live action Star Wars TV series to air on Disney’s upcoming digital streaming service. The announcement was made earlier today by Star While information is scant and hard to come by this early in the process, LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy had this to say: I […]


From Iron Man to Black Panther: Marvel Studios’ True Superhero, Casting

It’s easy to look at the collection of Marvel Studios releases now and appreciate some examples of the true unsung hero of the film franchise giant: the casting department. Yeah, yeah, we know, not everyone is happy with all the hero and villain casting, but you have to admit, Marvel has had some pretty great […]

Robert Downey Jr Photo Shows The Arc Reactor Might Be Coming Back

Not long ago there was a photo that came out that showed Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong having lunch while filming Avengers: Infinity War. The thing that many noted was that Downey was wearing a shirt with a hole in the chest… similar to what he might wear had Tony […]


It’s The Circle Of Life At D23 With The Lion King

Fans at D23 were shown a special clip from the upcoming Jon Favreau live action Lion King film, and according to Twitter, the CGI is almost flawless, with people saying it’s almost lifelike. Audience members were reportedly crying, which means I’ll likely need to bring boxes of tissues with me since this is my favorite […]

The Lion King Remake Casts John Oliver

Last Week Tonight‘s man main John Oliver is joining the great Disney circle of life, and the casting is perfect. Jon Favreau, hot off the success of his live action remake of the Disney animated classic The Jungle Book is bringing the sunbaked world of Pride Lands to life in his next adaptation, The Lion King. It sure looks […]

Jon Watts On Having His Spider-Man Already Chosen For Him

There was a lot of honesty on the red carpet last night for the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere and these clips show some of that. First up Jon Watts spends time on the carpet answer questions and we learn that he was specifically wanting to do a high-school-coming-of-age film when the chance to do Spider-Man came […]


Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr And Jon Favreau Don’t Understand The Word Secret

Yesterday, there was a secret shoot that involved Spider-Man: Homecoming actors Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Favreau… along with living legend Stan Lee and music producer DJ Khaled. The reason we know this is because RDJ, Holland and Favreau all posted images from the shoot… not exactly keeping it a secret. We know […]

Jon Favreau’s The Lion King Gets Catch Me If You Can Writer

I’m excited for Jon Favreau‘s The Lion King. There is a ton of potential for a “live action” retelling, especially as it is one of Disney’s best stories. Helping to craft that story will be Jeff Nathanson who has been brought on to write the script. He was the scribe behind Catch Me If You Can, the […]