John Nee

A Fundraiser In Memory Of Edwin Rosell

Just before Christmas, we were saddened to hear of the death of Wildstorm inker Edwin Rosell at the age of 41. Ex-Wildstorm staffer John Nee, now of Cryptozoic Games, is looking for artists to contribute to a fundraiser book to help his family, and is working with a number of ex-Wildstorm and ex-Homage Studios folk. […]

John Nee, Dan Slott, Rob Liefeld And Artists Alley

John Nee, who used to be a DC Comics Vice President after the Wildstorm buyout posted on Facebook, regarding the concern over the Gary Friedrich court decision. This saw the destitute co-creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich agree to pay $17,ooo to Marvel for the sale of signed Ghost Rider prints over several years. But […]