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Poyo Gets A Second Shot At The Spotlight With Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo

The demand for Poyo is rather large. It must be satisified. And that’s what the Chew team are doing, just in time for San Diego Comic Con. I doubt it’ll be the only Poyo-related product on sale at that show… John Layman and Rob Guillory team up to bring back CHEW fans’ most beloved homicidal […]

Detective Comics #29: From Dystopia to Utopia to Dystopia, Again

By Alexander Webb Creating a utopian Gotham City is nearly unimaginable to most fans. The Gotham we’ve come to know and love is a dark and twisted hell that resonates more with the word, ‘dystopia’ than any synonym of an ideal society. In lesser hands, this storyline would have been a bobble and drop. Luckily, […]

Here Comes A Chew/Revival Crossover From Image Comics In May

Mike Norton asks… What’s this???? — Mike Norton (@themikenorton) February 5, 2014 Well, Mike, I’ve just had it confirmed from one of the participants it is the Chew/Revival crossover coming from John Layman, Tim Seeley, Rob Guillory and Mike Norton from Image Comics, out in May 2014. Each team will do one half, then […]

John Layman Off Batman Eternal Weekly Comic Already

When Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato moved from Flash to Detective Comics, writer John Layman and artist John Fabok, who had been working on the comic for a year, planned to move onto the new Batman weekly comic, Batman Eternal. Except it now seems that’s no longer the case. Not for John Layman anyway. Layman, […]

Rob Guillory Talks About The Bigger Issue In The Diversity In Comics Debate

Rob Guillory works with John Layman on the Eisner and Harvey award winning Image Comic Chew. He got pulled into the diversity in comics discussion that stemmed from the Image Expo today when he was mentioned by another Image artist, Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen). Guillory gave a good and unique insight into the discussion… plus […]

Poyo Or Bust For 2014

The Chew Smorgasbord got a mention in the Top 11 Graphic Novels of the year. How much of it is down to Poyo is probably up for debate. But the odds are, “lots”. But as cyborg-enhanced chicken killing machines there are few to match him. And now you can get a bust version of the […]

Francis Manapul And Brian Buccellato’s Next DC Comic Is… Detective Comics

Yesterday we reported that John Layman was writing a new DC comic book, to be announced at NYCC. We also said that he’d continue to write Detective Comics. Well, we think we’re right about the first part. But not about the second. Because the comic that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are leaving The Flash […]

John Layman To Announce A New DC Comic At NYCC

At Bleeding Cool, we’re all big fans of John Layman. Chew is a book that we keep under our pillows for when we think we’re alone. Of late, Layman has also been writing DC Comics’ Detective Comics, a return to the publisher he was once fired from for speaking out of turn on the internet. […]

As Easy As Falling Off A Chog

The queues for this mother were round the Image Comics block at San Diego Comic Con. The glow in the dark versions have sold for up to $120 on eBay. But you can get your own, your very own Chog this September, for only thirty bucks. My kids love theirs. I have even managed to […]

Lining Up For A Chog

[youtube][/youtube] No, it’s not a line for Mattell. Nor Hasbro. Nor even his favourite Lego. This is a line for John Layman’s Chogs, vinyl recreations of the creatures from Chew, frogs injected with chicken DNA to create an attempt at a successful chicken substitute meat. And everyone wants one – he’s only had limited numbers […]

Swag! It’s Chog, It’s Chog, It’s Better Than Bad, It’s Good

From John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chog, to the Hello Kitty Uglydolls to, you know, comics, this is my swag so far at San Diego Comic Con… Actually, does free breakfast count as Swag? In that case, here is Bleeding Cool’s Chris Thompson joining me for a free breakfast from the Impractical Jokers TV show. […]