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FUNKO Has ‘Trading Places’ Pops Coming, But No Jamie Lee Curtis?!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means some of our favorite manufacturers are ready to roll out their seasonal offerings, like FUNKO and their new Trading Places Pops. The CLASSIC [fight me] John Landis film starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Don Ameche, Denholm Elliot, Ralph Bellamy, and JAMIE LEE CURTIS seems like a strange flick to get […]

Eli Roth History of Horror Poster

Eli Roth’s History of Horror AMC Show Gets a Trailer

Eli Roth is talking the history of horror this fall on AMC. The seven-part series, titled Eli Roth’s History of Horror, will run on Sundays starting October 14th, part of AMC’s annual Fear Fest. A trailer was released today, featuring some familiar faces talking about some horror classics. Watch it below: Executive produced by award-winning […]

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Eli Roth Tells the History of Horror with New AMC Show in October

Eli Roth is gathering some of horror’s biggest names for a new series looking at the history of the genre and why we all like being scared so much. The series will debut in time for Halloween this year, with a debut date of October 14th, fittingly at midnight. The series will last six episodes […]

AMC Unleashes ‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’ in October; Unloads ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ in November

AMC kept the announcements rolling at their Television Critics Association (TCA) meeting on Saturday, revealing that Park Chan-wook’s adaptation of John le Carré’s best-selling book The Little Drummer Girl will premiere in November 2018.  Fans of horror won’t be disappointed when October rolls around, with AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth’s History of Horror haunting the cable network […]

‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’ Turns 35 Years Old Today

35 years ago today, Twilight Zone Movie opened in the theaters.  The 1983 feature film was directed by Steven Spielberg, George Miller, Joe Dante, and John Landis, and took it’s cues from the 1959-1964 television series created by Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone. The film, in reality, is a retelling by four directors of 4 iconic stories from the original tv […]

Whoops, Man Mansplains Indiana Jones Costumes To The Designer

Social media has been amazing for the level of connection audiences can have with creators.  But also social media has been the worst possible thing for connecting certain audience members with creators.  There isn’t a day that goes by where someone protected by the anonymity of facebook or twitter decides to rip something a part, […]

Max Landis Is Set To Write And Direct An American Werewolf In London Remake

So this is pretty interesting. Deadline are reporting that An American Werewolf in London remake is on the way from Universal, which had been rumoured for some time. However, the personnel makes for intresting reading. The Walking Dead‘s David Alpert and Robert Kirkman are set to produce and Max Landis is set to write and direct it. […]

Video: Terry Gilliam And John Landis Go Through The Night For German TV

I don’t know the German TV show Durch Die Nacht, but I know that there’s an episode coming on July 7th that will feature Terry Gilliam and John Landis romping around in London followed by a camera crew. I have to see this. In these following preview clips you’ll see Landis demonstrating his skills as […]

John Landis Returning To The Horror Genre With New Monster Movie

Thanks to the probing questions of Chris Eggertsen over at Bloody-Disgusting, we’ve been delivered some exciting news about famed director John Landis, the man who was behind fantastic 80s monster movie An American Werewolf In London before moving primarily into comedies. The last horror projects he worked on were two episodes of the TV series […]

The Burke And Hare DVD Special Features Uncovered

Classified today by the BBFC were the special features for John Landis’ Burke and Hare on DVD. This is UK DVD, mind, as the film is yet to have any US release announced. It’s becoming a bit of a trend for those Masters of Horror directors to see their films hit the UK before the […]

One Movie To Be Based On Thriller, Another On Michael Jackson’s Early Years

There’s going to be a feature film based on Thriller because that’s just what happens when people like Michael Jackson die and the exploitable rights to everything they ever did fall into the laps of managers and trusts. Unsurprisingly, there’s a biopic on the cards too. Let’s see how long it takes Jackson to make […]

Burke And Hare Videopalooza: Two New TV Spots And A Clip

We’re just a week away from the UK release of Burke and Hare, John Landis’ first theatrical feature film in over a decade. I. Can’t. Wait. Oh, and it’s also worth noting that I. Won’t. Let. The. Stupid. Poster. Put. Me. Off. There are two new TV spots right here, and over at Sky Movies […]

Simon Pegg Defends The Ethics Of John Landis’ Burke And Hare

Earlier today, Simon Pegg tweeted the following: Encountered some consternation about the story of Burke and Hare being a comedy in light of the atrocity. Feel a blog coming on. He was going to run head-on at one of the oldest debates to plague comedians and dramatists. I made a mental note to check in […]

UK Quad Poster For Burke And Hare Could Have Been Better

Click through this poster to make it so big you’ll be able to make out individual Hares… and Burkes. The Isla Fisher piece of the collage is rather unfortunate and more than a bit tacky, don’t you think? But at least there’s finally a poster of some sort. The film is in UK cinemas on […]