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Samuel L. Jackson Joining John Cusack In Movie Of Stephen King’s Cell

I was considerably more interested in the big screen interpretation of Cell when Eli Roth was writing and directing and not The Last House on the Left’s Adam Alleca and Paranormal Activity 2’s Kip Williams. Okay, Stephen King has apparently co-written the script himself but… well… Maximum Overdrive. And unfortunately, the casting of John Cusack […]

John Cusack On The Politics Of Poe And Poetry, The Fascism Of 300 And Sequels

James McTeigue‘s The Raven is released in UK cinemas this Friday. It’s a murder mystery caper, verging on a modern slasher film, and features John Cusack as a fictional Edgar Allen Poe, getting all caught up in the police investigation of some perverse copycat murders borrowed from his fictions. I’m a great admirer of Cusack […]

Win! A Poster For The Raven, Signed By John Cusack

I sat down with John Cusack last week to discuss his Edgar Allen Poe murder mystery, The Raven, and plenty more besides. You’ll be able to read some of what he told me later on today. Right now, though, you can win a poster for the film, signed by Mr. Cusack. Simply read and follow these […]

Amanda Seyfried And John Cusack To Star In Patrick Alessandrin’s The Bullet?

As I understood it, Patrick Alessandrin is currently working on the thriller TEN with Bruce Willis. I don’t know the details of his schedule there – if he’s already shot the film, is currently mid-production, or if the film was delayed or even cancelled – but I do recall reports that filming was set to […]

Relativity Media Takes On John Cusack’s The Raven

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: The Raven took a step closer to lift off today thanks to the announcement, reported by Deadline, that its US distribution rights have been acquired by Relativity Media. Now in post-production, The Raven tells the fictionalised story of Edgar Allan Poe’s last days, during which he pursues a serial […]