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Rise of the Mutants: Joe Canahan To Write X-Force, Possibly With Ryan Reynolds

With the recent critical and box office success of Deadpool still fresh in mind, and the current critical and box office success of Logan having the earmarks of a new breakthrough for the franchise super-hero category, there's no doubt that 20th Century Fox has a hot hand, and it sounds like they intend to build […]

Writer Says 'Monstrously Cool' Uncharted Movie Script Is Now Done

The Uncharted movie sure has gone on a journey. It's been in pre-production for a long, long time now, leaving a list of writers, directors and stars once attached to the film by the wayside. However, it seems the film is However, it seems the film is really truly on the way now. Writer Joe […]

Uncharted Feature Loses Grip On Release Date

According to Coming Soon, Sony's Uncharted feature film has been pulled from its June 30th, 2017 release date. Naughty Dog's popular PlayStation game series centers on treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who gets into one crazy situation after another while trailing forbidden loot and unearth ancient mysteries. A film based on the series has been in […]

Joe Carnahan Taking On Uncharted As Writer

Variety reports that The Grey director Joe Carnahan will try his hand at adapting Uncharted from its video game origins to feature film; writing the next draft. The Sony adaption of Naughty Dog's popular PlayStation game series centers on treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who gets into one crazy situation after another while trailing forbidden loot and unearth […]

The Little Film That Couldn't – Scenes From Stretch

Let's start the morning off with something a bit strange. The guy who did Smoking Aces and The A-Team, Joe Carnahan, made a new movie. The film is called Stretch and is the story of a debt-ridden chauffer (Patrick Wilson) who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire (Chris Pine) and as the night progresses their interaction […]

Joe Carnahan To Direct Five Against A Bullet

The plot follows five bodyguards who are hired by a Mexican politician to protect him through a particularly nasty election cycle right after his father was assassinated by a drug cartel.

There's Nothing Happening In Mark Millar's Latest Movie Update

In short, Mark Millar has been to LA and had dinner with somebody he really likes, and the promised Joe Carnahan film of Nemesis and Matthew Vaughn film of The Secret Service are still in the works, for somewhere down the line. Last we heard of Nemesis it was on the rocks, I thought? That's […]

It's Apparently Happening Then – Daredevil Headed Back To Marvel

Word is that Marvel and Disney have refused to give Fox an extension on their deal and will reclaim the Daredevil character this October. While I was wondering what last ditch play Fox might make in an attempt to hold onto the rights, Variety don't believe that they have one. Most of their report seems […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: "The Clock Ticked Down At Fox"

Joe Carnahan's most recent tweet on the matter seems even more definitive than his earlier comments were: it doesn't sound good for Daredevil at Fox.  Perhaps Carnahan will get another shot at Daredevil or another character somewhere, some day. His sizzle reel for DD looks like a good take. Guys. To clarify. DD pitch was […]

Joe Carnahan's Sizzle Reels For The Fox Daredevil Movie That Isn't

Joe Carnahan really wanted to get more than 6,000 followers on Twitter, And he promised he'd post both versions of his Daredevil sizzle reels if he did, after the clock on the Fox deal ticked out. One hour later, he has 6,000 followers on Twitter. In fact he now has 6,257. I've just made it […]

Joe Carnahan Explains His Take On Death Wish, Promises Role For Frank Grillo

Presumably free of any studio or PR interference, Joe Carnahan has been speaking a little about his plans for a Death Wish remake via Twitter. It's early days, and his tweets are pretty much just spitball stuff, but he's got a vision already, and that's absolutely where he needs to be starting from. Here are […]

Death Wish Remake Is Joe Carnahan's Reward For The Grey

I'm not the world's biggest Joe Carnahan fan and I really did not like The A-Team at all, but I have to say, his new picture The Grey is alright by me. It's at least half an hour too long, occasionally a bit rough and has been padded with some forgettable characters and repetitive episodes […]