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The Flash 5x04 Promo "News Flash" (HD) Season 5 Episode 4 Promo

The Flash Season 5, Episode 4 Preview: "News Flash"

The Flash certainly has his hands full so far this year. Barry has to deal with new mega-villain Cicada, his future daughter Nora, and yet another version of Wells running around. Barry's life is never easy, and next week he will face his toughest challenge yet: company softball! Not to mention the dangerous millennial Spin, […]

The Flash | The Death Of Vibe Trailer | The CW

The Flash Season 5, Episode 3 Preview: "The Death of Vibe"

The Flash this week will air an episode titled "The Death of Vibe", but they wouldn't really do that would they? After looking at this preview for this week's episode, I think for sure that all of that is a red herring. It is probably a glimpse of something that COULD happen, and Barry has […]

The Flash 5.1 Still 2

The Flash 5.1 "Nora" Recap: Nora is Here! Is That a Good Thing?

The Flash made its return last night, and with one big addition to the cast: Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker-Kennedy) is going to be here to stay for awhile as the premiere picks up right from the end of last season's finale. The scene of her explaining herself to is great fun (the booze helped I […]

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Jessica Parker Kennedy Promoted to Series Regular for The Flash Season 5

One of the big questions coming out of the season finale of The Flash season 4 was: just how big of a role would the mystery girl play in season 5? Revealed to be Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) at the very end of the episode, the character introduces herself and tells everyone that she has […]

The Flash Season 4: Mysterious Girl and Her Big Mistake

With the season finale of The Flash behind us and the identity of the mysterious girl now known, we have to ask what exactly was the "big mistake" she was talking about. Did they already give us a hint, even a small one? I think they did in a very subtle way… spoilers ahead if […]

The Flash Season 4: What Happened to the Season Finale Big Bad Tease?

We were told that we'd get two things out of the season finale of the Flash that would help set up season 5. Two different cliffhangers were promised, but it turns out we only got one. We learned the identity of the mysterious girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy), but we didn't get the promised hint at […]

Grant Gustin Talks About the 2 Cliffhangers in the Flash Season 4 Finale

As we are coming off the emotional roller coaster that was the Arrow season 6 finale, we have a little tease about The Flash season 4 finale, which airs next week. In a conversation with, series star Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, aka The Flash, talks about the reported two cliffhangers that we'll be […]