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'Danger Girl' Film Happening at Constantin Film, Jeff Wadlow Directing

The long-rumored Danger Girl film adaptation of comics created by artist J. Scott Campbell and writer Andy Hartnell sounds like it's happening over at Constantin Film, with Jeff Wadlow currently attached to direct. About two years ago (2017), Constantin picked up the rights for the property, but the all-girl spy squad seems to finally found it's momentum with […]

Fantasy Island Title Card

Sony and Blumhouse Travel to Fantasy Island on February 28, 2020

Fantasy Island, the upcoming reimagining of the classic television show from Sony and Blumhouse has a release date. The film will open on February 28, 2020, and will film next year. Truth or Dare and Blumhouse veteran director Jeff Wadlow will direct, and his T&D co-writers Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs will help him pen […]

X-Force Lineup Revealed Via Concept Art?

Unearth by, concept artist Gregory Semkow tried his hand at a possibly lineup for the in-development X-Force film. Semkow happens to be a friend of writer Jeff Wadlow, who in turn happens to be writing the X-Force script with an eye to direct. The artwork is said to be a collaboration with Wadlow featuring […]

Trailer For The Kick-Ass 2 Video Game

It may not have been the most successful movie in the world, but there's certainly enough interest in Kick Ass 2 to launch a modest video game, I'm sure.

Anticipating X-Force – Tuesday Trending Topics

I saw a lot of discussion on forums around the web about Brendon's talk with X-Force director Jeff Wadlow yesterday.  There's some major anticipation out there on this one, and a lot of curiosity — about which characters might be involved, which possible storylines, and so on.  So unless Rob Liefeld reveals those emails he […]

Another Trailer For Kick-Ass 2

The modern superhero movie is nothing if not varied. This trailer had a very different tone to Man of Steel, and is pretty different to what Marvel are doing too.