Jeff Loveness

Strange Skies Over Easter Berlin: A Cold War Space Invasion from Loveness and Estherren

Strange Skies Over Easter Berlin: A Cold War Space Invasion Comic from BOOM!

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios continues to blow its SDCC wad early by announcing a bunch of series before the big event in its "Road to San Diego" promotion. The latest is a new four-issue mini-series by Jeff Loveness and Lisandro Estherren called Strange Skies Over East Berlin. The comic is about an alien invasion in […]

Judas #2 cover by Jakub Rebelka

Judas #2 Review: The Black Halo and the Black Wings

Judas stands face-to-face with the Fallen Angel, the Devil, the Morningstar himself, Lucifer. Judas is immediately hostile towards the Lord of the Flies, but the Devil explains his story to Judas in the hopes that he can get the Betrayer to listen to his side of the Story that has been ongoing since the beginning […]


Judas #1 Review: A Gorgeous New Book that is Mysterious and Intriguing

Judas #1 from BOOM! Studios by Jeff Loveness, Jakub Rebelka and Colin Bell comes out this coming Wednesday, and tells the traditional tale of Judas Escariot, the Disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ, and expands upon it. Following Judas after his suicide, he finds himself in the cold plains of Hell. Immediately, the book draws the […]

Are Marvel's Comics Suffering From Premature Cancellation?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the news that yet another young series from Marvel is getting the chop, this time the current run of Nova, featuring both iterations of the character, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Pérez with Ian Herring. Hot off the heels of the cancellation of Star-Lord, by Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka and Matt Wilson, […]

Are Mentor Bonds the New Trend for Great Comics?

There seems to be a bit of a trend at the Big Two which is leading to two great runs on series', and, whilst still early days for the Marvel offering, the one for DC is regularly the best comic that they are regularly putting out. I am of course talking Mentor Bonding. If you'd […]

A Tale Of Two Novas – Catching Up With The Nova Corps

Marvel has announced a new Nova series featuring both incarnations of the character. Here is a quick primer for anyone not familiar with the characters. I was six years old when the first issue of Nova came out. It was written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by John Buscema and was the first new character […]

Pretty Good For A New Book About A Sentient Plant

By Jason Karlson For a brand new book featuring a sentient plant as it's protagonist I was bracing myself for something else, something stranger? With all the weirdness surrounding Marvel's multiverse-smooshing Secret Wars I had half expected a book with our hero traversing the galaxy using only the limited lexicon of his three favourite words? […]