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Ivan Reis Talks About Drawing While Drawing Wonder Woman

Ivan Reis sat down at the DC Comics Art Academy at SDCC and drew Wonder Woman. But while he was drawing, he talked about his approach and how he likes to start with the eyes and how he only uses photo reference for locations and not for people. The Justice League and Aquaman artist also […]

Colorist Alex Sinclair In The DC Art Academy

Colorists get some love today as Alex Sinclair goes into the DC Art Academy. He shows us how he helps finish the work of artists like Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Ivan Reis and more. How long does it take him to color a page? Which artist's work is the most challenging to color? How did […]

The BVS Original Art By Ivan Reis And Joe Prado That Zack Snyder Bought

DC Comics creators Ivan Reis and Joe Prado were commissioned by Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller to create an exclusive art piece featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The image was printed in quality paper for a thank you gift to all the folk from Cruel and Unusual Films, Snyder's company and co-producer of Batman V […]

Has Cyborg Restored His Manhood?

Andrew Wheeler wrote for Comics Alliance, At Emerald City Comic-Con earlier this year I was lucky enough to be on a panel on diversity and representation with David F. Walker, two months after his Cyborg title was announced. During the panel Walker, a black man, mentioned something about the character that I had never considered; […]

Superman Wants Cake

This is Superman, by Ivan Reis from Justice League. In real pain, in terror, in danger. Screaming for his life against the menace of Pandora's box. But what is really going on? Well, just as with Josh Trank and his Fantastic Four movie, there is another cut available, courtesy of Ivan Reis' pencils. Hey, it's […]

Cyborg #1 Recreates *That* Scene From Green Arrow/Green Lantern

It's one of the most famous scenes in superhero comic books. By Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, from mid-seventies Green Lantern. At its heart, it wondered why superheroes allowed injustices to continue under their noses. Well, today's Cyborg #1 by David Walker and Ivan Reis does something similar. The comic stars a man whose life has been […]

More DC Omnibus, Deluxe And Long Awaited Collections For 2015 –

Brian Cronin said last year, First off, right off the bat, it is just ludicrous not to collect a Mike Mignola-written Batman series. Mignola is one of the most popular comic book creators in the industry today, and while it is fair to note that he did not DRAW this series (if he did, there's no […]

Multiversity Directors Cut Drops Ivan Reis For Frank Quitely

The Multiversity Directors Cut #1 was solicited as a special version of Multiversity #1. THE MULTIVERSITY DIRECTOR'S CUT #1 Written by GRANT MORRISON Art and cover by IVAN REIS On sale FEBRUARY 25• 64 pg, FC, $9.99 US • RATED T The first monumental issue of THE MULTIVERSITY is back in this new Director's Cut […]

Cyborg Gets His Own Series From David Walker, Ivan Reis And Joe Prado

He was the only character in the New 52 Justice League line-up not to have his own series. Even Aquaman had two. There were rumours at the time that these were due to character contract comlpications that also doomed an announced Raven series, but these were dismissed. Now that the New 52 is no more, […]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

By Rich Johnston, Hannah Means-Shannon, and Christine Marie Why 11? Building on our inaugural Bleeding Cool "best of" lists last year, we encourage you, dear readers, to dial it up to 11. It's no exaggeration to say that this has been an extreme year for the number of new and innovative comic series reaching readers […]

Ivan Reis And Rafael Grampá's Mashup Batman/Joker Poster For CCXP Is Pretty Cool

Two of Brazil's comic book stars in the US have worked together on this Batman/Joker mashup poster image for CCXP, Comic Con Experience, the Sao Paulo comic convention for later this year. Reis on the Joker, Grampa on the Batman. Expect T-shirts. CCXP, in its first year, will exhibit at at Immigrantes Exhibition & ConventionCenter […]

Go On – Let's Have An Annotated Reading Of Multiversity #1

By Sage Ashford Multiversity has been on my most-anticipated list from the moment it was first announced.   As a child I was always fascinated with the idea of alternate universes–how history could have diverged and developed differently from what we're already aware of, and the way it's various permutations can change characters we think we […]

Is This Grant Morrison's Own Cover For Multiversity #1?

This is the 1:100 variant cover for Multiversity #1, the new reality-bending comic book series written by Grant Morrison, the first issue drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, coloured by Nei Ruffino. I don't know about you, but it looks to me as if it has been drawn by Grant Morrison himself. And based […]

Swipe File: Marat Mychaels Vs Ivan Reis

Marat Mychaels is working on a new issue of his comic, Blindside. Working on Blindside #2 pic.twitter.com/QZJJaVJ4 — Marat_Mychaels (@MaratMychaels) January 26, 2012 Except… that third panel? Does it remind you of Ivan Reis in Green Lantern #17? Who's blindsiding who?  

Cover Variance: Forever Evil #1 Variants By Ivan Reis And Joe Prado

Courtesy of the Aquaman Shrine twitter feed (giving away a a digital copy on Wednesday to a lucky follower), variant covers by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado to DC Comics' Forever Evil #1 out this Wednesday, with Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman variant covers… the new Trinity… So without the superheroes, who's going to take them […]