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Rogue Drains Our Wallets with New Iron Studios Statue

Rogue has had quite a complicated past with the X-Men. Originally a member of the Brotherhood of Evil only to turn her sights from fighting the X-Men to joining them. Recently announced from Iron Studios was a gigantic X-Men vs. Sentinel battle diorama statue. Since then Iron Studios has seemingly announced that each of the […]

X-Men's Beast Holds His Own in Single Release Statue from Iron Studios

X-Men’s Beast Holds His Own in Single Release Statue from Iron Studios

X-Men’s blue furry friend Beast is one of the original members of the X-Men. Recently revealed from Iron Studios was a massive X-Men versus Sentinel statue. This statue featured a wide variety of X-Men fighting off the mutant-hunting Sentinel at the X-Mansion. That +$1000 statue was super detailed and you can find it currently up […]

The X-Men Take on a Sentinel in New Iron Studios Statue

The X-Men Take on a Sentinel in New Iron Studios Statue

The X-Men are one of my favorite groups Inside the comics. They’re more than just a team together there a family thrown together through the harshness of society. They look after each other they love each other and they even fight together. Iron Studios has announced a super kick-ass X-Men versus Sentinel deluxe battle diorama […]

Spider-Man is Far from Home and Gets His Own Iron Studios Statue

Spider-Man Is Far From Home & Gets His Own Iron Studios Statue

Spider-Man: Far From Home home has been hitting home theaters recently. So it is not surprising we are starting to see a whole new set of collectibles. The most recent is Iron Studios is releasing a set of battle diorama Spider-Man: Far From Home statues. So far we have seen releases for Night Monkey, Mysterio, and […]


Mysterio Takes On Molten Man In New Iron Studios Statues

Mysterio made a lasting impression from his role in Spider-Man far from home. The use of the elementals was an interesting touch and we got to see some fan-favorite characters come to life on the big screen. In Iron Studios’ newest battle diorama from far from home, we get to see that again. The first […]

Nick Fury and Maria Hill Get Statues from Iron Studios

Nick Fury & Maria Hill Get Statues From Iron Studios

Nick Fury and Maria Hill have been around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since pretty much the beginning. It is slightly odd that we have not seen more collectibles come from these characters. Nick Fury has gotten his own Funko Pop figure for The Avengers back in 2012 but that has been it. Maria Hill still has […]

Night Monkey to the Rescue in New Iron Studios Statue

Night Monkey To The Rescue In New Iron Studios Spider-Man Statue

Night Monkey has teamed up with fellow superhero Mysterio to stop the elementals. He was last seen in Prague during the attack at the festival and the incident with the Ferris Wheel. Who is this Mysterious masked vigilante and he is is he a friend or foe? We all know Night Monkey is nothing more […]

Spider-Gwen Posed

Spider-Gwen Thwips Into Action With New Iron Studios Statue

Spider-Gwen is probably one of my favorite Marvel comics characters to recently be introduced. A new take on a classic character can really change everything. I was glad to see her introduction into the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film. Hailee Steinfeld really brought the character to life and I hope we get to see more of her. Iron […]

Peter B. Parker Gets His Own Spider-Verse Iron Studios Statue

Peter B. Parker Gets His Own Spider-Man Statue From Iron Studios

Peter B. Parker is back in action yet again. As seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Peter B. Parker has been down and as luck but with some displacement its time to get back in the groove again. This movie was incredible, it portrayed some new spider characters that we have been dying to see […]

Noir Spider-Man Teams Up With Spider-Ham In Iron Studios Statue 

Noir Spider-man and Spider-Ham have traveled across the Spider-Verse. Stuck in a dimension that is not their home they team up with fellow spiders to help stop the end of the multi-verse as we know it. From Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated movie from Sony, Iron Studios have announced the second statue in their newest […]

Miles Morales Swings in with New Iron Studios Statue

Miles Morales Leaps Into Action with New Iron Studios Statue

Miles Morales changed the Spider-Man landscape with his introduction in the Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe. He finally got his big break last year with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sony animated film. Miles Morales Spider-Man is no way nearly as popular as Peter Parker Spider-Man, but he opened the door to a new fanbase. Iron Studios […]

Ezio Takes His Leap of Faith with New Iron Studios Statue

Ezio Takes His Leap of Faith with New Iron Studios Statue

Ezio and his story for Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations was emotional, heroic and adventurous. The amount of time that I put into those games I easily a wonder. Iron Studios has announced two new statues of the iconic hero. Both stands have Ezio, he is standing with arms wide […]

Daredevil Arrives with New Statue by Sideshow/Iron Studios.

Daredevil Arrives with New Statue by Sideshow/Iron Studios

Daredevil or should we say the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has arrived! Sideshow Collectibles and Iron Studios team up once again to bring you to think beautifully hand-painted 23” tall statue. The statue showcases Daredevil is his iconic red costume. The background and stand show off the feel of the Daredevil landscape. The base shows […]

“Batmobile 89” Hits the Streets Again With New Iron Studios Art Scale

Batman’s fans can rejoice this week with the new official announcement of Batman 89′ Batmobile and Batman statue by Iron Studios. The statue is based off the Tim Burton classic 1989 Batman. The 1/10 scale statue even comes with a Batman 89′ Micheal Keaton to go with it! This art scale of the Batmobile shows off all the little […]

Iron Studios reveals I am Iron Man statue that We Love 3000!

Iron Studios Reveals “I Am Iron Man” Statue That We Love 3000

Tony Stark’s quote, “I Am Iron Man” is one of the key phrases that has come out of the MCU and a one of the major iconic moments inside the most recent film Avengers Endgame. Thankfully, Iron Studios has just announced a new statue to memorialize that amazing scene. Unlike other versions of this moment, […]

SDCC 2019: 40+ Pics Form the Icon Heroes and 3A Displays

Icon Heroes has become one of the major players in the statue market right now, and they have been doing absolutely stunning work. Not only have they been doing franchises that don’t usually have regular releases, but they do both highest of high end products and smaller, more wallet friendly lines without dipping quality. Icon […]

Iron Studios Opens Up Orders For New Marvel, DC Comics Statues

Iron Studios keep pumping out new statues, and Marvel and DC Comics collectors have three new pieces to add to their collections soon. New statues of The Hulk, Mystique, and Power Girl are now up for preorder. All three are slated to ship in late 2019. All are in the 1/10th scale as well, with […]

Captain Marvel Iron Studios Statue 10

Captain Marvel Statue Coming Later This Year From Iron Studios

Captain Marvel continues to see tons and tons of merchandise announced as the film is a little over a month away. Iron Studios has sent out pics and opened up preorders for their Captain Marvel 1/10 scale statue modeled after Brie Larson. It will come with two heads like a lot of the other merchandise […]

Iron Studios Superman Statue 6

Iron Studios Creates One of the Best Superman Statues of All-Time

Superman fans: Iron Studios has gone and created one of the best statues of Kal I have ever seen. Based on the likeness of Christopher Reeve from the original 1978 Superman film, this thing is a sight to behold. This statue is made of polystone, and stands at 13.7 inches tall. It comes with the […]

BC Figure History Thursday: Winter Soldier!

Welcome to Figure History Thursday! Every Thursday, we will be going over the history of a character’s toy history, with a focus on action figures. Some characters have many toys made in their image, some only a few. Us collectors like to have them all, but sometimes it can be hard to know what is […]