Irma Kniivila

Captain America #703 cover by Michael Cho

Captain America #703 Review: The Story Comes Into its Own

Jack Rogers has unintentionally reawakened the Red Skull, and, even worse, Schmidt has the power of a Cosmic Cube running through his veins. Jack is no fighter, so he does what he can. Jack tells the Skull of the Kree incursion into Earth governments, and the two spread the word of the Kree conspiracy with […]

jane eyre

‘Jane’ Review: Dark, Handsome, And Not Blurry

During my years at college, I became a fan of classic literature. Pride and Prejudice, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Jane Eyre, and more. I’m also a fan of graphic novels (shocking)! So when the two are combined, I gravitate to them. In Aline Brosh McKenna‘s debut graphic novel, Jane, we get an updated story on Charlotte […]