Invincible Iron Man

The Invincible Iron Man #599 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

The Invincible Iron Man #599 Review: Dramatic Reveals are for Everyone!

Victor Von Doom crashes with an old associate, and Tony Stark finally surfaces to let his mom know that he is alright and what is going on with him. He asks more about his biological father, and she gives him more of the story. Then Iron Man leaves to more personal business. Elsewhere, Ironheart finally […]

Invincible Iron Man #596 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Dean White

Invincible Iron Man #596 Review: A Solid Story With an (Iron)Heart

Ironheart is having all of her Stark Tech seized by people claiming to represent Stark Industries' interests. To everyone's surprise, she gives it up willingly. Elsewhere, the Infamous Iron Man, aka Victor von Doom, continues to fight off the attacks from the Hood. Tony Stark has an awkward conversation with a hallucination of his adopted […]

Black Panther Marvel Legends 1

Black Panther Marvel Legends Hit the Mark… for the Most Part

Black Panther hits theaters in less than a month, but right now you can get your hands on T'Challa and others from the film in the latest wave of Marvel Legends. Hitting shelves now, the newest wave of figures features a mix of film-based figures and comic-related ones, as usual. No wave of figures is […]

Invincible Iron Man #594 Review: Does Little For The Arc, But A Fun Read

Tony Stark's body has disappeared, and Ironheart, Mary Jane, and Tony's mother, Amanda, are desperate to find him. They are so desperate, in fact, that they have resorted to calling upon Victor von Doom, currently going by Iron Man as well, to help find Tony Stark. Unfortunately, the Stark Industries board are taking this as […]

black panther marvel legends

Black Panther Gets A Wave Of Magnificent Marvel Legends Figures

Black Panther figures were finally shown off this morning at MCM London Comic Con. The wave of Marvel Legends from Hasbro is in support of the upcoming film. Here we have the standard wave of six figures, and a build a figure acting as the seventh and rewarding those who collect whole waves, which would […]

More Marvel Legacy Homage Covers Changing The Industry Forever

Released to Comic Vine, we have a bunch more homage covers as part of Marvel's Legacy relaunch coming in September. This time, we have covers for Iceman, with art by Michael Ryan,   Then we have Alan Davis paying homage to Invincible Iron Man #150 in this one, Dave Johnson brings this game for Luke […]

[Updated] 12 Images From Marvel's Venom Variant Month March 2017

Marvel released four of their Venom variants for their "Venom Variant Month" in March 2017 to CBR, quickly then distributing the images over a few sites and which we've collected here.   Well you didn't see that when I published it yesterday (01:00 today my time!), because (like the total newbie that I am) I didn't publish […]

Improbable Previews: Riri Takes On The Rhino In Invincible Iron Man #3

Every so often, comic book publishers send out previews of upcoming comics without any of the lettering finished. The result, while pretty to look at, leaves readers wondering just what the hell is going on in those pages. Well, wonder no more. Here at Bleeding Cool, we have combined decades of experience in reading comic […]

Brian Bendis Invites America To Let Healing Begin By Buying His Comic

Superstar Marvel Comics writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis isn't one to let a good crisis go to waste. As most of the comics social media sphere struggles to come to grips with the results of last night's election, Bendis wasted little time pivoting toward self promotion. On his Tumblr this morning, Bendis wrote: WELL, THE HEALING […]

Mike Deodato's New Cover To Invincible Iron Man #12, When Tony Met Riri

Here's a look, courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors' Previewsworld site is the new Mike Deodato cover to Invincible Iron Man #12. This will feature the first meeting of Tony Stark and the new Iron Man-to-be Riri Williams. And it does seem to be built on the rubble of the old world… Or, you know, you […]

Marvel Pushes Invincible Iron Man #6 Hard

Invincible Iron Man #6 is meant to be the issue that kicks off the lead into Civil War II this year. Which is why Marvel are encouraging retailers to stock a few more than usual. Any who order more of issue 6 than issue 4 of the series (the one that introduced Mary Jane Watson […]

NYCC '15: Avengers Standoff Announced At Iron Man / Avengers Panel

By Joe Glass Photos by Derek Trum So here we are preparing for Marvel's big panel, which actually came after a cosplaying panel where the entire table of panellists were all cosplaying as Marvel characters (and in really good cosplays too). Tom Brevoort is on modertor duties, who was confused for George R R Martin […]