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'Avengers: Endgame': About That Katherine Langford Scene

‘Avengers: Endgame’: About That Katherine Langford Scene

Avengers: Endgame was of course the biggest movie of the year. One scene that was cut from the film was one involving Katherine Langford playing an adult version of Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan. Taking place at the end of the film, the scene had Morgan appearing to Tony after he sacrificed himself by snapping his […]

Iron Studios reveals I am Iron Man statue that We Love 3000!

Iron Studios Reveals “I Am Iron Man” Statue That We Love 3000

Tony Stark’s quote, “I Am Iron Man” is one of the key phrases that has come out of the MCU and a one of the major iconic moments inside the most recent film Avengers Endgame. Thankfully, Iron Studios has just announced a new statue to memorialize that amazing scene. Unlike other versions of this moment, […]

Hasbro Reveals New Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends and Nano Gauntlet

Hasbro Reveals New Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends and Nano Gauntlet

Avengers: Endgame is now playing as I am sure you all know. Hasbro this morning has revealed more product available this summer in support of the film, including a new 14 inch Hulk sporting the Nano Gauntlet, a Marvel Legends scale role-play version of the Nano Gauntlet, and the latest wave of Marvel Legends featuring […]

Hot Toys Reveals Avengers: Endgame Life-Size Nano Gauntlet

Hot Toys Reveals Avengers: Endgame Life-Size Nano Gauntlet

Avengers: Endgame collectibles are starting to be revealed that one would consider to have been a spoiler (and still may). This one is a pretty big one, literally. Hot Toys is releasing a life-size replica of the Nano Gauntlet worn by Hulk and Tony in the last half of the film. This follows their life-size […]

Funko Chrome Thanos Purple

Funko Round-Up: Chrome Thanos, Woody Woodpecker, Chucky, and More!

Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: Thanos becomes the Infinity Stones, a bunch of classic cartoon characters get the Pop treatment, and more horror […]

Infinity Wars #3 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Rain Beredo

Infinity Wars #3 Review: What if Captain America but Also Doctor Strange?

Loki and Flowa arrive in the aftermath of the bloodbath perpetrated by Gamora on Earth. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy have been dispatched with ease by Gamora armed with the Infinity Stones. She is ready to slay Loki, but, in true Trickster God fashion, Loki Laufeyson talks his way out of death. […]

New Era Avengers Infinity War Collection Collage

6 Avengers: Infinity War Hats from New Era and Lids in New Collection

New Era is offering a new line of Avengers: Infinity War hats at Lids stores. There are six hats in all, with four being 9fifty snapbacks, and two available are 59fifty fitted hats. All six feature various logos related to the film, with front panel designs and some with back panel designs as well. A […]

Infinity War Odeon Poster Matt Ferguson 3

Avengers: Infinity War Gets 5 Connected Posters Exclusively for Odeon Cinemas

Infinity War is only one week away, and as if there weren’t enough, more posters are here! This exclusive set of posters will be available exclusively at Odeon Cinemas in the UK and feature art by Matt Ferguson. All five poster connect, and boy are they gorgeous. I love the way they don’t fully connect […]

Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet 4

Hot Toys Reveals Its Version of the Infinity Gauntlet

Hot Toys has revealed its version of the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. This one, unlike the Hasbro one, does not look like it is wearable, and since it’s made of polystone, that is probably a good thing. It shares a lot of similarities with the hasbro one: it has light-up Infinity Stones, and […]

Hasbro Reveals a Wearable Infinity Gauntlet From Marvel Legends

Hasbro has started their reveals ahead of this weekends New York Toy Fair and this one os a doozy. Their Marvel Legends role play items will now include a wearable, light-up, jaw-droppingly awesome Infinity Gauntlet from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES INFINITY GAUNTLET (Age Adult/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Spring 2018) Harness […]

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy #1 Review: A Lackluster Tease For Upcoming Titles

So, here we are at last. The long-awaited Marvel Legacy #1 is out. I’m going to go ahead and throw a spoiler warning here. Much of this comic has already been spoiled by numerous sources, but the plot itself was even hinted at in the marketing. I mean, the name Marvel Legacy doesn’t indicate any […]

thanos Avengers Infinity War Poster D23

Thanos Is Not Looking Happy On D23 Poster, Which I Need To Get Now

Happening now at the Marvel studios booth at D23 is the big reveal of The Children of Thanos behind the man himself Josh Brolin, who is signing posters that reveal some new key art of the gauntlet wielder is all his glory: Man that is gorgeous. I am mega-hyped for this film after everything we […]

Where Is The Soul Stone?

Here we take another look at the Infinity Stones, this time the Soul Stone / Gem. We’ve been going over the stones as Marvel 101’s are doing the same and we’ve covered the Power, Mind, Reality and Time stones so far. The Soul Stone is a bit different than the others as it is sentient and has a desire to collect souls. […]

Marvel To Publish ‘Guardians Of Infinity’ (Confirmation UPDATE)

To accompany Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guardian Of The Galaxy Team-Up, Guardians 3000, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax, Star-Lord and Gamora, looks like we may have yet another Guardians book to add to the line-up. But it might be with a very different line-up. Marvel Comics have trademarked the name Guardians Of Infinity for an upcoming […]

Marvel Releases Trailer And Date For Avengers: Age Of Ultron Blu-Ray

Marvel has released a new trailer showcasing the extras for the upcoming Blu-Ray releases of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. There will be 45 minutes of exclusive content including a look at the six infinity stones plus behind-the-scenes footage, gag reel and deleted scenes. Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be available on Blu-Ray (and likely DVD) […]